Radio - Where to Listen

I've wondered of late, if radio is due to make a bit of a comeback (some upcoming societal changes). Not everyone has the ability to stream games (data usage etc), or do not have cable or satellite. Whenit comes to tuning in, for local broadcasts (AM carries a long way), or perhaps a radio app (which only sips data), every team has a broadcast (it's also fun to listen in on the opposing teams broadcast to hear what they are saying):

BC Lions - Team 1040
Cal Stamps - QR 770
Edm Esks - 630 CHED
Sask Riders - 620 CKRM
Win B Bomb - 680 CJOB

Ham TiCats - TSN 1150
Tor Argos - TSN 1050
Ott RedB - TSN 1200
Mon Als - TSN 690

For those on BB10, I use an app called, but have also used Tunein.

My nextquestionfor the list is USports games. Iwanted to start compiling a list for broadcasts for University games. If anyone knows who broadcasts these games, can add to the list:

Queens - 101.9 FM (Campus station)

I listen to the radio broadcasts of many, even most, games. It takes me back to when I was a kid in 1961-64 listening to the B/A CFL broadcasts on CKSL Radio in London.

Remember when service station attendants wore uniforms? Remember when stations actually had attendants and you didn't have to pour your own gas?


University of Western Ontario Mustangs - 1290 CJBK

Regina Rams - 620 CKRM

Man Bisons - 600 CJWW (Sometimes UMFM campus station)

What ever happened to the 5th Quarter that used to be broadcast on CHML after the game? I used to listen online after the games but I can’t find it on their Website anymore… Can somebody clue me?

TSN stations are on iHeartRadio, but I also have used Streema

It’s on Facebook and Twitter. I listen to it on Facebook.

McMaster is on TSN 1150

Sask Huskies - 600 CJWW (Edit - read Man above, but can’t edit post for some reason)

Laval RougeOr - 94.3 CHYZ

Guelph Gryphons - 93.3 CFRU (Trying to reestablish broadcast)

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1290 cjbk does the Western Mustangs games.

Go Gyphons.

Thanks for the info cool.
I listen often on the radio. At least to the pregame and post game shows. I love my Calgary announcers. (Hope you are well Greg Peterson)
FYI-- QR77 will pick up the Winnipeg feed for Sunday’s WSF

Huskie Dino game on now

CJWW 600