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I'm an Argos fan and I live in New York. I went to the game in Montreal last year when Allen broke his leg. I also watched the eastern championship and grey cup games and became an argos fan.

Unfortunately the first argos game televised in NY is in August, and I don't want to miss more games (especially the montreal games, I hate them.)

Is there anywhere on the internet where the games are broadcast, either on TSN's website, on this site, or CBC?


I don't really know. I attend every home game, plus the games they play in Hamilton. I watch evry game on television, so have never had to look for something on the internet. Unfortunately, they play in B.C. this coming Friday and that is one of the few games that is noe televised this season. I will have to listen on the radio. Hopefully they will change that and broadcast the game. After all, it's another Grey Cup rematch. If I find anything out, I will let you know. id the radio carier, but they might blank out the online listening for games. Other then that, I hvae no idea

check out the main forum under radio
it lists all the stations that have a live radio feed over the internet.

Why am I telling this to a guy who hates my ALS? :lol:
Posted by an ALS fan as well

Mojo 640 changed their website URL a couple months or so ago. You can now try at

This will come in handy as it'll be the only way to catch the game in B.C. this Friday, unless you're in the Toronto-area. (or Vancouver-area, if you're on the Left Coast)

great and thanks............I will be doing the game here BC......vs.........Toronto..........from the


I was able to watch the Argos dismantle the Als, it was broadcast on MSG in the NY market. Thanks for your help guys.

COOL…lets hope you can see the MONDAY GAME vs. WINNIPEG…but the ARGOS will only have 3 days rest. :roll: