Radio Stations

Somewhere on this forum (last season) was a list of all the radio stations covering CFL games.

Can anyone help me with this one?

How about just post a link to your hometown station.

I appreciate your help and time!

Go Blue!

Here in Montreal, is CJAD 800 am with great play-by-play from Rick Moffat and Tony "The Staplegun" Proudfoot. And the rare Mix 96 broadcast happens as well.

But here is CJAD 800 which covers every Als game.

P.S God bless Tony Proudfoot, I wish him the best, after he was diagnosed with A.L.S

Thanks gang!

Awesome stuff. Now I won't miss a single game!!

Something I like to do is listen to alternate stations with the half. Fun stuff.

Freakin hell I LOVE FOOTBALL!!!

Go Blue!

I don't recall 640 playing Argo games. Hmmm.

I do know that The Team 1200 does.