Radio Stations on line??

[[ Does anyone know if the games are broadcast by any radio stations on line. I live in Phoenix, AZ. and am trying to listen to the Al’s pregame this evening. My son is trying to make the team and I can not find anything but the live play by play which did not work well last week.


You can listen online starting at 7:00pm est I believe.

What’ your sons name?

Link with all the info:

my son is Tim Duncan. Trying to do better than last week to win the job. He is still trying to adjust to the CFL Ball. It is enough different to cause a slight drift on his 49 yd attempt last week. he said he hit it well it just drifted off. Hopefully he can correct it this week, if not , back home he comes.

here’s a story about your son in todays Montreal Gazette.

Zero hour arrives for Duval, Duncan
Als kicking hopefuls have final test tonight

The Gazette

June 16, 2005

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They’ve been roommates throughout training camp at the Fort St. Jean campus and again here, at the downtown Ottawa hotel serving as the team’s headquarters for 36 hours.

Tonight at Frank Clair Stadium, Damon Duval and Tim Duncan will attempt to win a job as the Alouettes’ kicker this season. One will succeed and be named to the 40-man roster. The other will go home and ponder his next move and whether that includes a future in professional football.

“We’re competing for the same job, but we’ve become good friends. We want each other to do the best he can,” Duval said. "When he goes out and kicks (a field goal) I’m not thinking I hope that he misses. I wouldn’t want it any other way. We’re both competing for the same job, but we want each other to do well.

“Who wins it, wins it. I hope we both hit great balls and make it a hard decision for the organization.”

Montreal’s decision to trade Matt Kellett to Ottawa for the Renegades’ first-round draft choice created an opening for a kicker - one that will be filled by one of the two Americans. Duval, 25, attended NFL training camps with Atlanta and Jacksonville, but has been unable to find regular employment. Duncan, 26, has five games’ experience with the Arizona Cardinals and attended camp with Philadelphia last season.

Last Thursday against Ottawa, Duval averaged 40 yards on two punts. He kicked a 32-yard field goal, but missed a 48-yardattempt. Duncan averaged 31.5 yards on two punts and made a pair of short field goals, from 28 and 23 yards, but missed a 49-yard attempt.

Head coach Don Matthews is in a quandary.

“I have no clue what I’m going to do,” he said. "Will I go on past kicks, since we chart them? A gut feeling? Something not tangible?

“They both have strong legs. I can’t make a bad decision, even if I try. They’ve been equal. No one has distanced himself.”

Duncan, conceding the race is too close to call, said he’s in a no-lose situation. He’s contemplating becoming a personal trainer if he fails to stick with the Als.

“If I don’t make the team, I go home to my beautiful fiancee and a great life,” he said. “And if I make the team, I stay here and live out a dream.”

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Good luck to your son!

To Als Molson: Thanks a lot for the info. I really appreciate it. 8)

no problem! :smiley: