Radio Staion

I hope someone can help me.
Could someone tell me what radio station brodcasts the Esks games?
Thank-you very very much. :smiley:

630 ched

Thank-you very much Esks123 :smiley:

no problem :slight_smile:

Go Halzy!

lol......i hate Halzy but he is the voice of the eskies and should never change

Brian Hall is still your play by play guy?

I liked him.

Him and CKNW's Neil McCrae had similar personalities. Years ago when CKNW had the broadcast rights, Hall would be a pre-game guest or a half time guest or even on with McCrae on the morning sports. I always thought Hall was very entertainiing.

Yes sportsmen entertaining is the right word. Halzy is better at pawning a plate of ribs than remarking on the game...and I take neither ribs nor football lightly. He seems to have mellowed out the past few years though. I remember his sports show on Ched in the 90's. He'd insult everyone, call anyone stupid who said anything he didnt agree with. Now he just huffs and puffs and takes the next caller without the namecalling. Wonder if CHED got to him?