Radio reports Kevin Challenger has signed with the Stamps

[url=] ... vin00.html[/url]

...5'8" !?...

Looks like he'll match up nicely against any of Morgan, Johnson or Justin...for the Riders that is.


Great signing by Barker, Stamps need all the help at receiver they can get. :roll:

While not that big of a deal, he is canadian.

…technically, Barker didn’t sign anything…JB only finds the talent this year piggy, Huf gets to use the pen…what will you do now that your favorite stamp whipping boy isn’t in charge?..

…I realize it’s nice to go into TC with as much depth as possible, but I don’t see receivers as a depth problem right now either…yes he is a non-import, but so is Ralph and Howell, both proven commodities…

Thanks for setting me straight on that red, I didn't realize Huff was now in charge.

You mentioned Howell and Ralph, isn't Thellwell still around too ?