Radio links?

I'm not sure where to put this, or even if I should bother but here goes anyway.

Radio links to the games can be a real pain to find. Personally I don't know why every team wouldn't have a big link right at the top of there home page.
I know Riderville is hard to find, and I just had some fun finding Hamilton's link, & if I recall correctly I've had problem's with most sites finding a radio link.

We can't watch the games online but we can listen to all of them. Perhaps some links can be put somewhere on this site to all of the different teams broadcasters.

Team 1040 does the lions games. I'm not sure offhand what the actual site is but you can use google to find it easy enough and they do live streaming.

Try looking in the sticky section :roll:

Oops thanks that's just what I was getting at.

Perfect....Thanks & sorry I had to ask.

FWIW I always just use the new posts button so I never make it to the sticky section.