Radio (CHML) broadcast

Saw this somewhere in an earlier thread - but just can't locate it now - but it's worth repeating and/or discussing (in my humble opinon).

Appears someone named Adnan Virk, will be doing the braodcast this week - and possibly yet another, before the end of the season.

My question??? ..... WHY? ....Who is he???

It is very difficult to understand.

Is he local? - No. ... Does he know Hamilton? - not likely.

What is going on? ... one Toronto guy can't do the they bring in another Toronto guy?


As mentioned in the other thread ... Ted Michaels is right here - local guy - works for CHML - did the Vanier broadcast, does the Fifth Quarter, AND the Tiger-Cats show.

What really is going on? Why wouldn't he
be doing the game(s)?

Does anyone really have any insight on this?

Ted Michaels is the CHML the play by play announcer
and I would assume he will still be this week.

We have had ex-football players, Duane Forde
and Andrew Gregg, filling in as "colour men."

I assume Adnan Virk would be doing "colour" this week,
unless it has been reported otherwise, ehbet.

Huh????? ... Hello!!! ... I don't think so!

Where have you been?

Actually, Tim Micallef is the Tiger-Cats "play-by-play" guy for the last 3 years....

Coach Salavantis was the colour guy and has been "spelled off" by Duane Forde and Andrew Grigg....(so far)

Tim Micallef is away this week doing CIS I believe as was reported and this "Adnan Virk" guy popped up out of the blue as our "play-by-play" guy this coming week as a fill-in.....I haven't a clue who he is but some have said he's from "The Score" in Toronto and does basketball?....

Ted Michaels does the post-game show, "The Fifth Quarter"

Also, don't forget that CHML is Corus-owned, and they could easily bring in people from Toronto, London, or Vancouver.

As long as the colour is entertaining, I just wonder why we care where this person is from. Y108 used to have two Good Hamilton Boys as morning DJs... both have moved on, it seems.