Radically Canadian Idea: Move league office to Hamilton, merge Ticats with Argos

Move CFL head office to Hamilton. Locate it at Tim Horton's Field.

Let the Tiger-Cats absorb the Argos and return Winnipeg to the East Division.

MLSE doesn't operate the league office so there's no reason to move there.

Is Tim Horton's old HQ still available after they moved up the QEW?

Please don't move my office, I like being able to walk to work.

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I wouldn't worry.

The CFL has other issues to work on.

Really ....... Why?
Is this growing the league?
Then again its probably from the "Remember When" era

If TOR no longer had a CFL team,
The NFL would jump in almost immediately!
The NFL want to expand to other countries, hence their games in the UK and the NFL Europe failure
Toronto and Mexico City, being international and also in the same time zones would be perfect locations for the NFL braintrust.

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Agree It's a real possibility with Toronto's Argos in play but even more without them . Money is definitely waiting to be spent .

Need a brand new stadium first.

Hopefully privately funded.

Not realistic at this moment.


The money alone between MLSE partners and possible other interested partners who are known to be interested makes that obstacle removable pretty quick .

The sentiment for the CFL has waned considerably with conservative males the majority of CFL fans .

The resistance today has eroded considerably and the NFL would only need to ask and the takers here would be plentiful .

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how does merging the two teams differ from simply folding the argos?

The further plan is to demerge the Ti-Cats sending the Tigers to Toronto. With the Argos history going to Hamilton, that city will have the undisputed most Grey Cups.

This would also ensure the Leafs no longer have the longest championship drought among the MLSE brands.....all part of the plan:)

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I was thinking the league could combine this idea with the idea of setting up a bunch of teams in the GTA. Merge the Argos with the Ticats in Hamilton and then set up an expansion Toronto team to play out of BMO. Call them the Argonauts, and if they do well, then set up teams in North York, Markham, Scarborough, Oshawa, etc.

(Sorry, Pete. I don't see any value in this move yet. If MLSE decides to throw in the towel and no other owner can be found, I think the Argos just fold . . . but I don't expect that to happen).

Taking this a step further, along with those 4 cities, add another 5 (say Mississauga, Newmarket, Ajax, Vaughan and Brampton), they play one game in each locale fulfilling a previous thread on splitting up Toronto.

Take it a step further the new Argo branding is just a tactic to raise funds to develop holographic technology so games can be shown on PPV while preserving the current TSN agreement....box is checked on another thread.

This technology unlocks a clause in the Cincinnati Bengals lease which forces the country to upgrade to it once available

The Covid crises causes the county not to comply breaking the lease the moving the Bengals to Toronto....fulfils another thread or two on this topic. By demerging the Tigers, the new Toronto NFL team won't need to rebrand....this thread is now a check.

Boom expansion to the CFL happens too somewhat and all of these ideas generated by the longest off season in history are delivered.

Couldn't be any more straightforward than this :slight_smile:

Still not sure how folding the ARGOS will benefit the CFL.

Without major markets in the CFL, it's tv deal will be worthless.

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It won't just expounding on Grovers post . The main CFL office could be moved with a secondary smaller office left for the corporate connections .

Probably 20 to 30 years ago it would have been in the best interest to have moved the main offices to western Canada and a smaller secondary office in Toronto only for corporate marketing

The owners of the Argos want a NFL team for some time now .

They and other interested wealthy Canadians would love to be part of that venture and building a stadium would be costly but they have been at this for some time and a stadium is not a obstacle .

Not saying anyone's bad for wanting a NFL team it's understood as something reasonable considering the wealth of that league but those interests would be better aligned if the Canadian league moved to a more domestic based brand with more distinct rules that contrast more from the southern four down brand .

The Bills in Toronto was an unmitigated disaster for the NFL

Coupled with the fact there would be territory issues with the Bills (unless they move here permanently)

But then; what benefit is there for the NFL? Won't increase TV or league value. NFL is one of few leagues who does not need expansion fees. Plus added problems from players travel international and tax / revenue issues.

The only way we would ever see the NFL in Canada would be if they make a new WLAF or something.

I know people in Toronto like to think of themselves as "centre of the world" but honestly nothing could be further from the truth.
They are a city who goes to where action is.

Maple Leafs are really only exception
TFC / Jays / Argos / Raptors get popular when they win
Otherwise they are forgotten

It should prop up Hamilton a bit (and possibly even keep some fans who go to Argo games now travel to Hamilton; esp those in say Halton or even Peel in west)

Without Toronto in the CFL, the next tv will be significantly less along with a drop in sponsorships.

Seriously WHO does TO bring to the table?

I have watched CFL games for years and quite frankly have no idea who most of the sponsors are, most of them are certainly not anywhere close to GTA. Stuff like SafeWay runs tons of ads... they are up in Thunder Bay area! (only a 14 our drive lol)

As to the Argos specifically? Their biggest sponsor is World Financial Group. Have you ever heard of them and any idea who they are or what they do without looking at google?

TSN makes more money internationally (eg UK) for CFL games than they do locally (Toronto area).

Want the CFL to have that big league feel, need to have major markets in the league.

Sadly Toronto may have outgrown the CFL, according to Toronto based media and other influences, but it's important to have them around to sell the sport.

Doubtful if the CFL can survive without the 3 major Canadian markets.