Radical Thinking By A True Blue Fan

Now I know all you bomber fans will hate me for this but I came up with a ridical idea to help Bomber Revenue.

Here is my idea. People are getting upset at seeing poor numbers of people at games, and fans giving up all hope for the team. Well let's look back a few years a go. We all think of a horrible name Jeff Reinbold. But with all bad comes a good. Yes now I know as well as any that he sucked at head coach and really messed up the Bombers. But the I thing I remember is how many people supported the team. The attendances at the games were always good, and the support throughout the city was always there. Now my idea is to bring back a man like Reinbold for team promotions. HE obviously knows what he is doing in that area of a team. So I want to know what your ideas are for bringing back a horrible memory for better team support and Revenue.

I don't know, FM. Your talking about a time in the Peg's history where they just lost the Jets to a "hotbed" hockey city (yeah right!) and they about almost lost the BBs as well, during a bad time for the league, coming out of a failed attempt to expand to the US which left them more in money trouble than before, to be bailed out by no other than the NFL, of all leagues.

if Reinbold can bring in the crowds and the big bucks like you say, it might not be a bad idea, but the team is getting more popular, getting out of debt and will hopefully be debt free if the GC does well, then maybe it's no necessary and we cane let Berry do his thing and field a good team to bring in the crowds and the big bucks.

seems I'm obviously confused here. :oops:

If you want Jeff you can find him at the University of Hawaii where he is a graduate assistant. Good luck.

reinbold nearly killed the bombers , and no there was no support in the peg during his years, the stands were always empty. you obviously have no idea what you are talking about or you are jr himself trying to get job and if that is the case we know you have no idea what you are ever talking about.

The Killing of the bombers was due to playing, but Reinbold helped keep fans coming to the games. The die Hards, and the curious showed up to the games, and i do remember going to games under Reinbolds ruling with good numbers. So no it wasn't empty,. And another factor at the time was the failure of the entire league how the US expansion failed and the league was in debt along with most teams.

Well this is radical thinking alright, never would I thought a Bomber fan would want Jeff back…
I heard Berry was looking for a new special team coach…
Jeff knows special teams, but the Bombers know, not to bring him back…

I'm not talking as a coach. I mean in the office promoting the team, getting more fan support by th people in Winnipeg.

Oh..well in that case your right, usally we don't rally the wagon's, untill were broke..
There should be a theme, to the up comming season...
Introduce new seat packages, and buy the coach a Harley...and have him drive it through Polo Park.
Or something similar, to that kind of promoting will do..

...maybe we could sell tickets... as a little added revenue....for Reinbold to get on his Harley and try to jump the Assiniboine or the Red....I'm sure you would get a lot of interest to see if he could actually make it....and if he didn't.....well......no loss....stay in Hawaii jr. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ya thats true its win win if he tries to pull that off. He makes good tickets sales for a dare devil wprking for us. If he fails to make it. Well no more reinbold in Winnipeg.

Talking about radical thinking, radical thinking is what it's going to take to biuld a new Stadium..
Right now the new biulding thing for the Bombers, seems kind of dead in the water..
It starts with the media, and so far the group involved in promoting the idea for a new Venue are kind of silent.
Unless they already found out there's no way they can afford it...

need to get a good team going and get the Bombers out of debt frist, cuz this new stdaium will likly put them back in debt for a short while.

I'm still hoping that they are able to build it some time in the future, a better version of the Big O.

Yes but the new stadium is being funded by Canad Inns Hotels and the Exhibiton Grounds. So all the funding is there there to build it, and it wouldn;t give the team a lrge debt.

Well, the GC this season should hopfully wipe out any debt we have now, and what we get from the stadium should be wiped out by the attendence, becase it will be big in the frist few games (and remain so if their is a good product on the field). Also, if the stadium is build, I have no doubt that Winnipeg will host another GC soon after wards (as seems to be tradision when a new team comes in or new stadium is build in any league), that should wipe out any debt cuz the seats in this new stadium should be at least 60,000 for the GC (like BC place, that had just under 60,000 in attedence in lasy season's lengendary GC).

In short, the Blue Bombers are in good shape either way! :wink:

50 50 so far......I would pay to see JR attempt to jump the Red on his Harley....but I wouldnt pay to see a Bomber game with him on the sideline again...

Never sideline, but behind the scenes better promoting the team. I know I ahd a radical idea but never do I want him on our sideline again.

still not a good way it would probly drive ppl away from the bombers and heill be screwing up! anyways how would u know if it would work this time???

I don't thats why its a radical way of thinking! The best things that have been made or done, people didn;t know if they would work so they tried. Same here.