R U READY for the ARGOS???

if hamilton can manage 2 wins against the hated argos.....the tiger-cats are right back in the play-off hunt.

....so, for you hamilton fans, u better show up on labour-day and support your ti-cats!

if they dont win that first game against toronto, then all hope is lost!

but if they win that first game on labour-day, i'll be cheering for the tabbies in toronto the next weekend!

whats capacity at ivor wynne stadium? 29 000???

Anything under that size of crowd would be a disappointment.

Labour Day always sells out. Well every time I've been there (for the last like 5 years its sold out anyways) Its like always one of the most anticipated games of the year. Sometimes maybe even more so then the grey cup. Well in Hamilton anyways. The atmosphere is just so great. Id hafta say its one of the greatest games of the year. Every year.

Good luck Cats, if they play like they did last week against my bombers, they have a good shot at knocking off the Argos.

Yeah, McManus played well. I think an upside for the Argos is that they now have film of the Ti-cats actaully gernerating some kind of offense to study. Best of luck to the Cats, but I get the feeling were going to make it 16 straight.

as of right now, theres still plenty of tickets available for the big game.....dispicable :oops:

Ive already got my 9 :mrgreen:

go cats go, argos suck :wink:

Dam straight...........Ill be wearing my T-Shirt that says ARGOS SUCK on the front of it in big white letters :mrgreen: I love the shirt I wear it all the time and have actually met people from wearing it. I actually picked it up at the Labour Day game last year.

If Bob Young see’s you wearing it, he may have you thrown out. :lol:

LOL thrown out onto the field maybe :roll: I'll be the newest Ti-cat mascot :wink:

Doesn't Bob Young not like the Argos-Suck chant? I thought he said it was old and lame. Sounds to me like it's Bob Young that is old and lame.

In thehunt with 2 wins, 3-8?

even if the Ti-Cats beat the Argo's both games, they still are 4 points outta the playoffs and in last place.....
in the hunt??...YES...but that only means they need to string more wins together in the second half....but unfortunatly they only play top-level teams in the second half.....i give them 8% chance of making the playoffs.

Hey we may not be able to get into the playoff hunt in the East at this rate. But did you forget about a little thing calle dthe cross-over. If the ti-cats have more points then the thrid place team in the West at the end of the year then we get the cross over and go over there for the semi final match. And with the way the 3 bottom teams of the west have been playing. I think we stand a chance of getting in there.

yes...if hamilton wins the rematch against toronto, they have 6 points......
and if edmonton beats calgary again, and winnipeg beat sask in that rematch, then theres a 3-way tie for 3rd in the west with 8 points each....
and hamilton plays calgary 2 more times.....if hamilton wins both, they have a good shot at the cross over.

that said, if toronto wins the rematch this saturday....then its over for the '05 tiger-cats