R.I.P. Jack Gotta, November 14, 1929 – June 29, 2013

Rest in peace, Jocko, the next best Ottawa Rough Riders coach after Frank Clair. My favourite version of the Ottawa Rough Riders, was the squad he coached from 1970 to 1973. My favourite cup game was the 1973 Grey Cup. His teams were not the most talented, but they had a lot of character, toughness, and most of all, heart, with guys like Rick Cassata, Soupy Campbell, Rod Woodward, Gerry Organ, Moe Racine, Jim Foley, Rhome Nixon, Dick Adams, Rudy Sims, Hugh Oldham ..... and on and on. Great team, lots of heart and you could see that they loved their coach. I always loved the enthusiasm he had and how pumped up those teams were when they ran onto the field for the opening kick-off. I used to loeve listening to him on pre and post game interviews on CFRA with Ernie Calcutt and on the 5th Quarter on CKOY. If you recap the 1973 Grey Cup game, you couldn't help but like the guy and his team. Too bad Ottawa didn't keep him and let him slip to the WFL in 1974. His teams would've beaten those Alouettes teams in the 1970's for sure. Can you imagine if he would've had Tony Gabriel on his teams. R.I.P Jack Gotta !!! :cry:

RIP Jocko.

Here's one of Jack Gotta and Jerry Campbell during the 1971 Rough Rider training camp.


Cool. How do you post photos on this site ?