R.I.P. George Springate

Passes away at 81 from cancer

Interesting life …

  • Montreal Police Officer from 1958 to 1969
  • Bachelor of Arts from Sir George Williams University.
  • Bachelor of Civil Law and a Bachelor of Common Law degrees in from McGill University
  • From 1966 to 1968, he was a member of the McGill Redmen football team.
  • In 1970, he played 11 games with and was part of the Grey Cup winning Montreal Alouettes. In total he played 17 games with the Larks over 3 seasons.
  • In 1970, he was elected to the National Assembly of Quebec as a Liberal for the riding of Sainte-Anne. He was re-elected in 1973.
  • Elected as an independent candidate in 1976 … did not run in 1981
  • Television sportcaster for CBC Montreal in the 1980s and hosted the local daily current affairs program “MIDDAY”.
  • In 1989, he was made a Member of the Order of Canada.
  • Teacher in criminal and civil law at John Abbott College, and one of the founding members of its “Police Technology” program … retired from teaching in 2008.
  • Columnist for The Chronicle, a local Montreal newspaper.
  • Appointed a Citizenship Judge In 2000 and again in 2006 … appointed Canada’s Senior Citizenship Judge in 2008 for a five-year term

To be honest, I’ve never heard this name before.
So I’m very grateful for this retrospective.

O/T: GHT, you are very obviously possessed of a very good soul. Tnx for that, too.

And a sports complex named after him in Pierrefonds,Quebec.

1970 was the first year I was really “into” the Als … Springate was a backup OL and placekicker … “square toe/straight-on” … Larry Fairholm is the pictured holder.


I’m also not as young as I look on the forum, and I remember Springate as a member of the National Assembly during the 1970 FLQ crisis having a police guard behind the Als bench at the Autostade.

And just a small correction in that he was a backup tight end which he had also somewhat played at McGill.


There’s a bullet item missing from the list. Around the mid-1960’s -
and yes I’m that old - there was a show on either CBMT (channel 6)
or CFCF (channel 12) called “Constable Springate”, or something
like that. It might have been a 15-minute show, around mid-day,
probably in black&white. A young guy in a dark blue police uniform,
wearing his hat, sitting at a desk, facing the camera, would
read announcements. Can’t remember if it was more “police
blotter” about crimes, or more like which roads would be
closed due to parades and such. Community announcements.

Made an indelible impression. Him out there, showing the flag,
making a name for himself, doing community service. The
entire Anglo part of the city knew of George Springate, before
he decided to go back to school and be like Moe the Toe.

During or opposite Johnny Jellybean?

I thought there was Romper Room and Johnny Jellybean in the morning,
Constable George Springate brainwashing impressionable young minds
at lunchtime, and Magic Tom in the late afternoon. But I could be wrong.

Now that they can’t be the Redmen, they should be the McGill Springates,
at least for the men’s football team.

Without looking anything up (PROMISE) … apologies for any spelling errors

34 - Bruce Van Ness - Justin Canale(?) - 60 - Gordon Judges - Peter DallaRiva - Barry Randall - Ed George - Wally Highsmith - was ging to say Basil Bark but think in 1970 it was Gino Cappeletti - Dan Yochum (?) - Tom Pullen - Gary Lefebvre

Bob Story - Mark Kosmos - George Springate - Mike Widger - Charlie Collins (one of my Mom’s favourite … “he’s so cute”) - 66 -53 - Steve Smear - Moses Denson - Al Pahneuf - Merl Code

Terry Evanshen - Sonny Wade (other of mom’s favourites) - Larry Fairholm - The Rifle - Sam Berger - ?? - Pierre Desjardins - Ted Al;fen(?) - Bob Geary - JI Albrecht - ?? - John Couture

That`s very good GHT. I think I can fill in a couple of them.

57-Justin Canale correct
45-Gene Ceppetelli correct
67- I believe Mike Webster
53 - backup LB Jorma Kuisma
Red O’Quinn between Berger & Desjardins
15-I believe backup QB Tony Passander
Red Friel who was the team`s groundskeeper is between Albrecht and Couture. They thought so highly of him they had stolen him away from Ottawa when Berger bought the team.

These 3 I had to look up.

34-Lewis Cook
60-Angelo Raffin
66-Ted Collins

Very good forensic football card work. The guy in a suit to
the left of Sonny Wade looks like Gene Gaines to me (he was still
playing/coaching that season). Photo taken at the Autostade.

Thanks … upset I missed Passander and Red