R.I. P Al Bruno

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Sad day. Former #Ticats head coach Al Bruno has passed away

[url=http://www.bigbluehistory.net/bb/statistics/Players/Bruno_Al.html]http://www.bigbluehistory.net/bb/statis ... no_Al.html[/url]


Condolences, A great Coach and Man





Thank you Al Bruno for all the great memories :thup: ..........R.I.P. :cry:

Very sad news. He was my favourite coach. Condolences to his loved ones. RIP

RIP Al Bruno.

You made many memories, for so many Ticat fans. As long as we live those memories (and you) will live with us.

The 86 Grey Cup was outstanding!
Brand new packed BC PLACE STADIUM(60,000) against a completely stacked ESKIMO team
Nobody gave us a chance
But Bruno had his team ready to play, and kicked the Eskies Butts all over the field!
Dominated from start to finish.

Part of the history of the town I grew up in and was born in, London, Ont. And watching the London Lords at one time as well. RIP Al and thanks for making football in Canada that much better.

http://youtu.be/4U3O2gp9n9U [url=http://www.bigbluehistory.net/bb/statistics/Players/Bruno_Al.html]http://www.bigbluehistory.net/bb/statis ... no_Al.html[/url]

My condolences as well, a great coach!

Didn't know this:

The BC Lions beat Al Bruno (who played Nick Tortelli on TV's Cheers) and his Hamilton Tiger Cats....


Al did not play Nick Tortelli. (Not all info on the internet is reliable :roll: )

Dan Hedaya played Nick.

[url=http://xfinity.comcast.net/slideshow/entertainment-cheersthennow/20/]http://xfinity.comcast.net/slideshow/en ... hennow/20/[/url]

(does have a little resemblance but that is all).


A sad day :frowning:

I’m very very upset about Coach Bruno
I got know pretty well as kid .
a great man and hell of a coach

rest in Peace.

As a native Pennsylvanian my condolences to both his family and CFL fans on the loss of a good man, great coach and fellow Pennsylvanian, Al Bruno. May he Rest in Peace.

I know I've met at least 16 of the 22 men who have held the position of Head Coach of the Tiger-Cats and, although I didn't know him as well I have a few of the others, Al was my favourite. After returning home from watching last year's CFL Finals and the Grey Cup, on TV, in the Port Charlotte, Florida area, I looked up Al's address and vowed to myself, that I'd search him out next time I was there. Wish I'd looked him up before last year's trip. I have, and often wear, a TiCat logo pin, which Al took off his lapel on the eve of the '86 Grey Cup in Vancouver and gave to me. Al was HC for many of the best all-time TiCat memories -- the '83 Eastern Final -- I was never more proud of aTiCat team that lost, the '84 East Final underdog victory at TOR, the '85 Eastern champs lead by Ken Hobart, the unbelievable second half of the 2-game '86 Eastern Final at CNE, the most satisfying , ever, TiCat Grey Cup victory the following week, and the best ever Grey Cup game, even though we lost, in '89. I am very sad to learn today of Al's passing. Many thanks Coach for the great memories.

Yes Mike, not all info on the net is reliable. Excellent follow-up! :thup:

One of my favourite Al Bruno memories was from an early season game in 1986 at McMahon Stadium in Calgary. Down 23-21 to the Stampeders, the 'Cats had a chance to win the game when Steve Stapler made a great catch in field goal range and dove out of bounds to stop the clock with a few seconds remaining. Only problem was the timekeeper at McMahon continued to let the clock run out. TV replays showed Stapler was clearly out of bounds with time left on the clock but the officials disagreed and called an end to the game. Bruno went ballistic and chased the referee the length of the field all the way to the dressing room but to no avail. It would never happen nowadays with instant replay and all but it was still great to see coach Bruno trying to right a total injustice against his 'Cats. R.I.P coach Bruno.

And I think that incident in Calgary was mentioned at 1:02 of this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJ19EIx8aiE

Near the end of that video, two coaches who were quite successful in this league, Bruno and Obie, shook hands. Bruno’s team may have lost that game that happened later in 1986. But we’ll always remember that last game in 1986. Here’s an appropriate video to watch now: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ab9hl8JGFEI

It’s quite appropriate that at 2:34 of that video, it’s Jason Riley who’s carrying Bruno, considering what Riley said about Bruno in this article: http://www.tsn.ca/former-tiger-cats-hea … 7-1.100702

Al Bruno was one of the best coaches this team has ever had, and we’ll remember what he did for this team. My condolences go out to Bruno’s family, friends, and all those who knew him.

Seemed the perfect fit for HAM at the time . Always seemed to have a "what just happened?" look on his face on the sidelines . But to do what he did with a cheapskate owner with a hair trigger for firing and revolving door QBs says a lot.

Media should get some quotes from Rich Stubler who was DC here in those days.

Condolences and prayers for peace to the entire Bruno family at this difficult time.


Here is a short video with Al Bruno

[url]Obie and Bruno -- Bob O'Billovich and Al Bruno in a 1986 CFL game - YouTube

One of my favorite coaches...

The Eagle