To all the non-believers: ya better hurry, there's not much time to jump back onto the bandwagon!

Fire this guy, fire that guy . . . UH-UH! :x

We are the 2010 Saskatchewan Roughriders! We are the West Champions! Because of our coaches, incl. Berry, Etch, and Daly, and even our GM!

Congrats from Taman to Daly and everybody in between!

I Believe in y'all! We gonna' need a bigger wagon!

GO RIDERS GO! GO RIDERS GO! GO RIDERS GO! :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

I still want Daley fired. No band wagon jumper here. Go Riders and stay humble my friends! :rockin:

I hope that Daley goes silently into the night after the Rider Grey Cup victory parade.

Do we really need him in the GC Victory Parade? Can't he just go away?

Looking back at the last 4 seasons in this league, I don’t think there is any issue with respect. The Riders are solid, skilled and deservedly in the Cup game. What I REALLY like, of course, being a fan of the formerly good Esks, is that they went in to Calgary and SEIZED the right to be in the Cup for the second year in a row…but sweeter yet…this time they did it on Calgary’s turf. Now I don’t like to rub salt…but it’s a Karma thing. The Riders and their players are a class act. Football at this level is tough slugging. Everyone on that field deserves to be there and works hard. And for the most part, throughout the league, these guys know each other and respect each other. The Stumpeaters have a rep for being a leeeeetle bit of hot dogs and disrespectful to the other players in the league. So…it looks good on them…Perhaps they should learn a little about respect and honor. (that said, this is no disrespect to Calgary fans…they are good people like every fan in the West…but their team has too many disrespectful hotdogs) The Riders are clearly the best representative for the Western Conference and I truly hope they win the Cup in their 100th year…their devoted fans deserve no less. As a die-hard Eskimos fan for life, I’d be quite happy to watch the Riders hoist the Grey on Sunday…it would make a depressing year just a little bit better. GO RIDERS!!!

Bandwagon jumpers HEY!! I still stand my original comment to your post and now... again... add in Berry.

Votre équipe a livré une autre grande bataille serrée, et c'est tout à son honneur. Félicitations aux Roughriders pour leur effort admirable, et espérons que nous les reverrons l'an prochain pour une autre Coupe Grey excitante!

Merci, LeStaf. Votre équipe a bien joué et ils meritent la Coupe Grey après leur performance. À l'année prochaine ... :slight_smile:

Before anyone freaks, here's the translation: Your team was in another tight battle and they did it honourably. Congratulations to the Roughriders for their admirable effort, and we hope that we will be back next year for another exciting Grey Cup.

My response: Thanks, LeStaf. Your team played well and they earned the Grey Cup with their performance. To next year ...

Looks like he'll be with you for a long time. :lol:

Looks like he'll be with you for a long time. ,,,,,,, Maybe a year or two but I like our chances of getting over the hump and winning it all over any other team right now.