R D Unemployed

Looks like Ron Lancaster Jr. is unemployed again.

Edmonton did not renew his contract

It will be Interesting to see where he ends up.

Could this be the end of his Pro Carreer as a coach?

He has some Tallent…
So he end up somewhere …


Coaches are let go all the time. How is this any different?

Tough time of the year to be unemployed though. He's been around for awhile and probably has made some contacts so I hope he lands on his feet somewhere soon.

An Argo fan

....Somewhere else soon. :wink:

I've met RD. He is a very good family man and a very good person, as well as a talented, experienced coach. He will land on his feet.

An article in the Edmonton Sun the other day reported that Ron Lancaster Jr. will probably take a coaching position with one of the football teams in the CIS in 2007.

The report also stated that Eskimos' defensive coordinator Dennis Winston will probably obtain a coaching position at one of the U.S. colleges next year.

RD is one of the three finalists for the head coaching job at Waterloo. The others are former Ticat coach Dennis McPhee and interim Waterloo Head Coach Marshall Bingeman who has been coaching with the Warrior program for several years.

2 small issues to comment on...

  1. Your assessment of RD's character and ability is your opinion right? Thought so.

  2. If an aspiring CFL coach's slide back to CIS football is considered landing on one's feet, then he will land on his feet.

Maybe we know different RD's?

The talk is he only had the job in Edmonton because his Daddy called in a favour to Hugh Campbell.