R.D. Lancaster...bring him to Hamilton

All this nostalgia with Darren and Danny....how about we bring back their original Hamilton offensive coordinator?

Ooops, been there, done that....we already drove him out of town.

But we tend to want to, or actually bring back the ones we send packing.

Hmm, Maybe Ronnie will want to get some help?

why not let bob young call plays, i wouldnt mind seeing him calling plays from his laptop and headset with a madden 2007 playbook in front of him and a ps2 set up on the sidelines.

Let him stay in Edmonton where him Danny Machoocha are ruining their offence.

We need Bobby Boucher!

answer is no.
seen eskies mess this season?
calg's oc steve burratto for head coach and danny mac for oc next season.

at least the RD offense had a six yard swing pass. Dah what are you thinking man?

I have a better idea!

Send daddy to Edmonton for free.

TiCats get rid of one problem and Edmonton gets a second.

Ron, DMac, RD have a job for life here no matter what our record is. :?

Hey Jake,
Why don’t we bring back Damon Allen?
He’s ponly 43 and probably still mad at us from the Grey Cup last year…
Remember his comment…“What’s the problem with you Hamilton fans?”


Att Comp % Yards Long
523 266 50.9 3858 82yrds

TD % Int % Rating
19 3.6 14 2.7 76.2

Come back home Damon, come back home!!! :o

Please NO