R. Bryant = the effect.

This guy is making his name known in the cfl already. The guy has all the tools, and he's got serious athletic ability.

Now that the mini coup-de-tas took place inserting R.D., Berry took a liking to what his receivers brought to the table. I suppose we can look forward to seeing a running game developing, and watch for Roberts to get going.

Starting in TO:


There is absolutely no excuse for Roberts not to get some running room against that 3 - 4 defence, especially with Eiben out and Dinwiddie a threat to run it as well.

I agree that the excuses are wearing long on the tooth. Roberts has to step up or his game will be in question.

The alarming part of this season is now behind us, which was looking at Kevin Glenn for his lack of maturity. Berry was able to put that fire out in a hurry, before finally doing Glenn a favor by making Dinwid our #1. I have never seen this kind of coach in winnipeg, that pulled exactly the right strings on what to do. It was quite a magic trick.

Going into TO I expect nothing less than a victory.