Quoting other posts

For some reason when I quote another post, it’ll often “Automatically delete quote”. Is there a reason for this ?

To be honest, aside from the dark mode, I’m really not liking this new forum.

It appears that it’s the system deleting it, with no explanation as to why.

  1. Highlight the text you wish to quote.
  2. Then proceed with your reply.

Try it. I had no idea either until a few minutes ago, but it does work.

I’ve tried the way you describe, and the “quote whole post” (talk bubble) in the reply pop-up. Sometimes it works, and other times the system just deletes the quote for some reason. Hence, why I made this thread.

Edit: It just did it again after I replied to your post. It self edits essentially, and removes the quote for whatever reason. This reply shows 2 edits, even though I only made one.