Quote of the Year 2007

"He's got pretty good hands, for a kicker."

  • Glen Suitor on Ben Cahoon, August 9th

"Excuse my language, but we got the f***ing W Hallsy"
Trevor Gaylor on Bryan Hall's post-game show; Aug 11

"Everyone in Saskatchewan is very sensible." - Rider fan John Houlden with his wife Marilyn at his side, during a lightning storm without his tinfoil hat on.

"This is a Lions team held together with Duct tape and bailing wire." Guillio Caravetta,

Team 1040 Colour man, after being asked by Rick Ball what to expect in over time with all the Lions players out of the game.

"It'll be different all right, I won't have some 10-year-old girl behind the bench telling me to go screw myself and that my mother's a hore."

-Mike Abou-Mechrek

Talking about how it will feel about sitting on the Riders bench at Taylor Field, during Labour Day.

"A Winnipeg and Saskatchewan Grey Cup? Man, they wouldn't know what to do in Toronto (the site of this year's game)," said Stegall after practice Friday. "There'd be a bunch of cows and farmers running around. And that'd be a good thing"

-Milt Stegall, Labour day interview

I was searching around players personal and offical pages and came across an interview with former Rider Jamel Richardson and loved his final response to Express-News Staff Writer Lorne Chan's question:

You lived in Canada for the past four years, playing in the CFL. How has that affected your opinions?

Jamel replied:

It's just more free there. A mother doesn't have to worry about her son getting drafted or signing up to fight there.

It isn't about war. It's about living free and living life. They have soldiers fighting over there, but it's not like here with all our fellow Americans fighting. That's how I want America to be like.

the rest of the interview is on http://www.mysanantonio.com/sports/stor ... 22f73.html

Hahaha heard another good one on global sports in regina on the Casey Printers signing conference. When asking his new teamates of what they thoughy JoJuan Armour said "His speed is like nothing i have seen, hes like the the Vick of this league"

Warren woods exclaims "Did he just say the Vick of this league? Hopefully he doesnt own a dog in his house" hah

...another gem from Printers after being pursued by a few clubs and his eventual signing

....sept.06/...to Josh Bell-Webster
Printers quote.......I'm just like the pretty girl with long hair...great body...the whole thing...Hey I feel like a prom queen today :lol:


maybe he should have signed on with Dancing Danny M. in eskville.....

"I pee'd a little when Joeseph got that Touchdown" - One of the Linemen for Saskatchewan after the Labour day Game,

"I think all of Saskatchewan Pee'd a little when Joeseph got that Touchdown " - A fan discussing the comment on the Drew Remenda sports Show - Followed by extreme laughter by Drew Remenda.

"It's not like we come in at half time, we take our stupid pills and then take the field for the second half." Coach Maciocia dispelling at least one theory for the EEs second half play of late

"And that opening kickoff (recovered by the Lions when the Bombers failed to jump on a bouncing ball)... it was like watching Laurel and Hardy out there. It was ridiculous. It was like a grenade had dropped down and nobody wanted to jump on it."

  • Brendan Taman -

Anybody watch the Toronto-Montreal game on CBC this weekend? At one point they were discussing how Bishop is telegraphing his passes and the commentator said something to the effect that "this is key to the Montreal DBs handling [Bishop's] balls." I knew I should have written it down immediately or I would forget. It was hilarious though.

Im not sure of the exact quote but I do believe Mark Lee said something to this effect:

"The Montreal defence are still able to jump his balls."

I liked this one from Popp a few days ago:

“I’ve done a hell of a job. That’s my self-evaluation,” the Alouettes’ general manager and head coach said Saturday, following Montreal’s latest defeat - its ninth in 16 games. “I’ve done everything the organization has asked of me.”

“If we’re playing against a little league team, I want to come out and win the game.”
-Eddie Davis on CKRM’s 5th Quarter after Sask loss to Argos

During the Lions' final home game, on a failed 3rd down fake by Calgary's punter Duncan 0'Mahony, TEAM 1040's Rick Ball comments on the punter's "fleet-footedness":

"I think I saw a glacier gaining on him!"

"(Stroumboulopoulos) relieved himself on Roughriders' mascot, Gainer the Gopher." -- Peter Mansbridge during the opening skit for the 2007 Gemini Awards broadcast, in which awards show host George Stroumbolopoulos receives flack from everyone in the industry for calling Saskatchewan "flat"


[b]Jock Clime:

I am worried about getting fined and I am a broadcaster . . . but honestly, I am flabberghasted at this flag. First of all it's not holding. . . you are taught that, that is exactly what you are supposed to do . . . it's called the iron cross . . . it's not holding . . . with the entire season on the line, when you have not made that call all year, you do not throw the flag! And then he throws it on the extra point? What is that? Now all of a sudden there's two!

---Then he throws his pen down in disbelief[/b]

Post game SSK @ EDM regarding the holding call on the Sean Fleming kick just before OT.

[b]Dave Randorf:

I think we all just feel that sometimes things are over officiated . . . Just a little too much flags flying for me. [/b]

Post game SSK @ EDM regarding the holding call on the Sean Fleming kick just before OT.