Quote of the Year 2007

....same idea as last year....as we head into another season this topic can collect and display all those wonderful quotes that seem to find their way around the foot blocking the entrance to the mouth that said it......rules:

a) The quote has to be from someone playing, coaching, managing, owning or media-reporting in the CFL. Quotes from fans or posters in this forum or other forums don't count,

b) Refrain from posting comments on the individual quotes as this will take up space. Let the quote stand for itself, a gallery so to speak,

c) If requested (by pm from a mod or CFL.pm), please be prepared to back up the posting with a reference to where it originated.

"And a large part of who he is comes from the Great White North, where men are cold and first down is really second down."

Bob Ford (The Philadephia Inquirer)
regarding Garcia's experience in the CFL

"c. Quarterback rating. Stupid, stupid stat. Peyton Manning's was 39.6, Tom Brady's 57.6. Those two guys both played flawed but gallant football against the two most fearsome pass-rushes in football. You'd think they played like Spergon Wynn with those ratings"

Peter King, Sports Illustrated

Definitely not foot-in-mouth, but noteworthy, nonetheless.....

"One day, hopefully soon, we will gain a sense of national pride and realize that we are great on our own terms. We don’t need to define ourselves in relation to another country.

When that time finally comes, the Paul Godfreys of the world will realize that what we have is great and worthy of development. How about spending all that money earmarked for an NFL franchise by adding a few more to the CFL?"

  • Sean Millington

"Everything is for sale," Maciocia told the Edmonton Sun

...let the hilarity begin....

This one can be funny when taken out of context...

"I have zero interest in being competitive,'' said Austin, who was hired in the offseason after Tillman decided against retaining Danny Barrett following the team's second straight 9-9 regular season.

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?module=newser&func=display&nid=16072]http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?module=news ... &nid=16072[/url]

“I have to restrain myself from hugging him.”

  • Danny Maccocia of Trevor Gaylor

“Every time he walks by me, I want to give him a hug,” - Jim Barker of Jermaine Copeland

just to add to yours...

"There are times in the last couple of days where I just want to go to Trevor and hug him," said Maciocia.

CFL Broadband game BC vs SSK West Semi-final.

CFL sideline reporter to Wally Buono at Halftime when BC was up 31-4 (or something close to that):
"What do you have tell your players during halftime to keep them motivated and focused?"

Wally Buono:
"I dont have to tell them anything. They know what they are doing"

Oh, and on a side note, Danny Barrett regarding Kerry Joseph's LACKLUSTER performance:
"I'm gonna give him the 3rd quater and see what he can do"

Wally Buono after last nights performance in Edmonton, (See news titled "Simon Says".)

"What do you want me to do, panic and cut everybody?"

"The last time I was out of shape was when my mother had me, and that was her fault."

  • Milt Stegall, about staying fit

"They didn't do Jack to us!" - Henry Burris, July 8th 2007.

Ed Willes, Vancouver Province sports commentator on BC, Ed game.
"the Esks offence was the bug and the Lions defence was the Windshield"

"Remember, Milt Stegall will always remain thin in the waist and cute in the face. That's my motto."

-Milt being Milt

[b]"I don't think anybody playing today can say they haven't been influenced by him because he had such an impact in the passing game,'' Austin said. "The precision passing and the multiple sets of the West Coast offence is really something that just about everybody has mimicked down there to some degree. There have been offshoots.

"He had a huge impact, but I'm not even sure if that's his biggest impact. You look at the people who coached with him who went on to become influential coaches in the (NFL). That's even as big a compliment to him. It's a who's-who of coaches.''[/b]

  • Kent Austin on Bill Walsh

[b]"It doesn't matter. It's done. It doesn't matter if you missed breakfast. You've got to eat lunch. It doesn't matter what happened in the past. Ask Michael J. Fox in Back To The Future. If we had a time machine, maybe the past might matter, but it doesn't.''


When asked what the Calgary defensive secret was to denying the Eskimos twice on short and goal plunges Tearrius George shrugged and replied:

"I guess because we couldn’t back up any farther.’’

Awesome one Red and White. . . .

“I never said Saskatchewan was dirty. Other teams had accused us of being dirty. All teams are dirty because football is that kind of game,” - - - Wally Buono

That is what I have been saying the whole time.

"I dare you to run! I dare you to run!"

Zeke Moreno to the Winnipeg Offence August 3 on TSN's "Sounds of the Game".

"Pilon literally had my entire package in his hand and squeezed...People think I flipped out for no reason, but I took the ball crushing. He violated me."

A.J. Gass explains his motivations to the Edmonton Journal.