Quote of the Year, 2006........

.......as we head into another season this topic can collect and display all those wonderful quotes that seem to find their way around the foot blocking the entrance to the mouth that said it......I'll start off with this one:

"I'm not going back to Edmonton, no matter what. And you can quote me on that one." - Davis Sanchez

.......some new rules for this thread:

a) The quote has to be from someone playing, coaching, managing, owning or media-reporting in the CFL. Quotes from fans or posters in this forum or other forums don't count as they probably are not recognized on a national level,

b) As there will undoubtably be many many quotes over the course of the season please refrain from posting comments on the individual quotes as this will take up space. Let the quote stand for itself, a gallery so to speak. Comments on quotes can be made in the general forum as this is where most quotes originate anyway,

c) If requested (by pm from a mod or CFL.pm), please be prepared to back up the posting with a reference to where it originated. If it came from a source outside of the CFL.ca forum please note the paper or periodical it came from, to give credit to the source. Making stuff up is strictly verboten, unless of course its about Don Matthews.

"They could have traded me to Saskatchewan. I'm not on a sorry team. And the taxes are better now."

- Reggie Durden, after being traded to Edmonton.

“Hopefully they don’t trade me. They were talking about trading me to Saskatchewan, the armpit of the world, last year.” - Milt Stegall
I love the guy, but that was a very stupid comment to make.

"We're over the cap. There's no question that we are over."

- Rick LeLacheur, Edmonton Eskimos' president

"We are going to have to reduce our expenditures to get to that number. We were over that amount last year. So we can't sit here anymore and say, 'Poor old Riders.' There's no more whining."
-Roughriders CEO/president Jim Hopson

"The customers are sending a very clear signal. It's not that they hate me ... although maybe some do ... I guess fans are upset with me, people inside the organization are upset with me and the league office is likely upset with me."

- Lonie Glieberman, two-times ex-Renegades' president

"Our QB, Er, ah, er.....(silence), ah, uh........(silence)"

Announcer: "You mean, Kerry Joseph....? "

"Uhh... "
-Forrest Gregg, Ottawa Renegades V.P./ GM, Radio interview

"I'm thinking about it now and wondering whether I'm making the right decision."

  • Richard Karikari, when announcing he agreed to a contract with Winnipeg, March 8th

- - - - -

“I'm not leaning one way or another. Don't write that I'm second-guessing my decision. I'm looking over the paperwork."

  • Richard Karikari, the next day

Not sure if it's from this past year or not, but it's still classic Dave Ritchie ... and priceless in its own right:

"To get to be the chief at the top of the mountain, it's very simple. You fight your way up, you take the chief's head off, you put it in a burlap bag and you play polo with it. And then you take a pee, because all of that is going down a river to the people living down below."
-Dave Ritchie

Well, if we're talking about years past, I've got a nice tidy little nugget right here

"We offered them a chance, a chance to stay alive, and they refused. Now there's nothing they can do to stop this."

  • WWE Canada president Carl DeMarco, commenting on the imminent demise of the CFL right after they declined the 'opportunity' to form the XFL with Vince McMahon.

"they can go have some poutine together"

  • Blue Bomber GM Brendan Taman commenting on Richard Karikari's resigning with Montreal

"what interest me : sports, traveling , money, and women with her head on straight, money, money, oh and females with there own money into other women too."

"Ur boy is a straight money getter and love to have fun and party."

-Nealon Greene from his myspace page

[url=http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendID=44513977]http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fu ... D=44513977[/url]

"I won't be calling players at midnight. I'll be in bed.''

  • Danny Barrett, Saskatchewan's head coach and assistant GM, hours before the free agency period. A month later, he still hadn't bagged any free agent.

“If I knew this coming out of the season, I would have prepared myself. They gave me the impression they wanted me back.”

  • Ted White, worst QB in CFL history after being told no offer would come his way.

"Lonie Glieberman's an arrogant little bltch. I'm not willing to tolerate it. ... He's a classless twit. If he thinks he's got a winning football team, then sell that."

  • Jan Harder, Ottawa city counsellor, disapproving Lonie's marketing ideas.

Since we're talking history this was my all time favorite. The late Al Davidson of CKNW radio interviewing Coach Eagle Keys after a big loss to Edmonton.

Al :"We'll coach, what happened out there?"

Eagle: "Well Al, we came out flat and the other team scored more points than us which ultimately cost us the game."

Al: "What are you going to do next week against the Bombers?"

Eagle: "Well Al, we'll work hard in practice, and if we can score more points than the other guys, then we'll have a good chance of winning."

Nealone Greene:
i would love to meet beutiful women from all races, cause i dont discriminate on sexyness. My ideal women would have to be thick in the hips, soft lips, and a azz for days. So if you fit this discription holla at me anytime

Here's an older quote that may still ring true today:

"They're gong to have to go out and find some wacko"

  • Bernie Glieberman, to the media right after selling his interest in the Ottawa Rough Riders, about the qualities needed by any future owner of the team.

Then theres Duncan O'missy after another dismal game last year...

"The fans 'willed' me to miss those Field goals."

He then repeated it on the Team 1040 Radio show.

Brown coming back
Eskimos newest defensive lineman got word of trade while in Africa


Amber Brown couldn't resist the golden opportunity.

With her husband Robert on the other side of the world in Africa, Amber had some fun on the phone.

It was two days after Robert had been dealt on Feb. 18 to the Eskimos from the Montreal Alouettes - and it was Amber's job to pass along the news to him from her Edmonton home.

But instead, she played a joke on her husband.

"I said, 'We're going to Winnipeg' - and the phone line went dead," recalled Amber.

"Winnipeg was the one place that wouldn't have been our first choice. I guess that's a nice way of putting it.

Gee thanks Amber, we love you too.........oh and dont worry about bobby being hassled at all by security at Winnipeg International Airport when the Esks come to town........we alls know you didnt mean anything by it......