Quote of the week from Kevin Glenn

In today's Globe and Mail, Glenn responded to a question about the pre-season game against Winnipeg tomorrow night and whether he had any hard feelings after the Blue Bombers unceremoniously released him.
His reply was that the game was just "a business trip" :smiley:
Way to go Kevin. :thup:

Any game is something other than a buisness trip. I like the idea that the game isn't special but to call it a buisness trip is troubling to me. Its a game not a buisness. If its treated as a buisness then I don't feel that the player in question has his heart in it and should just go home. A very poor choice of words at best

I think Glenn is all class. Very respectful guy indeed. I was one of the happiest people when he was signed. Over all the years of watching him I always saw talent but also saw that his skills were not always suited to the offenses he was given to run.

Gibson has a very long time relationship with Glenn and I hope that given the rights system he will have success in the Hammer when he gets his chance.

I dunno about how literal to take his "business trip" comeback. I'd be more inclined to think it was a "(taking care of) business trip" kind of comment. :wink:

I'm ok with that comment.

To me it seems like a serious and professional attitude. Not sure what others might be reading into it.

Sounds like you've never had to compete with someone who was "all business".

It was Winnipeg who dumped him and NOT the other way around. What does he have to worry about. It's the fans that the organization let down. I'm sure that he will play tomorrow nite and get a good reception.

Glenn is still better than anything the Bombers have in camp. (sorry Richie)

Actually it is the complete opposite of what you think. All business no pleasure or vacation. He is taking this game seriously.

That being the case its a poor choice of words.

talk about slow news day

Sorry but that particular choice of words has generally meant a dispassionate attitudeinmy experience. That is worrisome

Could be that he just wanted to make sure the game wasn’t all about him and his return to Winnipeg, which could take the focus off what the “game” is all about ie: an evaluation of all the players.

He was probably just trying to downplay things as far as media hype is concerned and keep the focus on the Ticats camp as a whole. It’s still camp time after all and everyone deserves equal attention…

I wouldn’t be reading too much into the comment. It was probably a wise and prudent thing to say at this time.

Now, come regular season? Yep, bring on the smack talk! :twisted:

BTW, how’s the helicopter sized mosquitos there this time of year? Bad time of year or are they worse later on in the season?

In my experience, people who read so much into a quote in a newspaper generally read too much into things.

I guess its the years of dispassionate play that has caused me to be too cynical for your tastes. I'm looking for passion and that doesn't even indicate passing interest. It would have been much better to have said that he cannot take these games as an opportunity to show up the other team without running the risk of losing focus

I think you should judge a player’s passion like this:

  • 99.9% based on what you see on the field
  • 0.1% based on newspaper quotes, TV interviews, etc.

And I think you underestimate interviews.

Well, the good news is that I don't think anyone lacking passion, once the season begins, will last very long. Not on this year's version of the Ticats anyways. I think most have passion even in camp but it's a fine line one has to walk between inappropriate cockiness/smugness and appropriate and welcomed enthusiasm. I kind of like the fact that we don't have any real stand-out "franchise players" yet and everyone has to actually earn their place in Ticat fans hearts. Yes, Kenton Keith and Kevin Glenn seem to be the most well known, but even then, they aren't the instant stars on this team yet. They've got a ways to go before they become the toast of the town such as past stars like Ozzie, Morreale, Hitchcock, Zambiasi, Henley, Mosca,, Covington, DiPietro and pretty much hundreds of others, all of which earned their glory in Hamilton. We've had too many instances lately of players ending up as the "stars" before they even strapped on a Ticats helmet and then flopped miserably.

What exactly would you like him to do? Scream in the face of his interviewer like it's the WWE or something?

I mean, the guy's a professional quarterback, not a quote machine designed so that fans can gauge his "passion" based on a few words spoken to some reporter.

Other than saying "trade me" or "I hate Hamilton," I'm not terribly interested in what he says. I care about how he plays and I'll gauge his "passion" based on what he does on the field.


Listen to this guy. He knows whats up. I couldn't agree more.

I've already stated what might be a more appropriate answer. No need for anyone to get silly about it. Ther have been many sensible rebuttals and like them I have a right to voice my opinion intelligently