Quote from Chris Schultz today!

This quote from a TSN article today by Schultzy:

"For the Ticats the win over Montreal was significant in so many ways. First, they remained undefeated at Tim Hortons Field, home of the East final. The bye week is the first rest in 13 weeks for Hamilton as their two regular season byes came in the first half of the season. Plus, they have a defence that continues to improve by making game-changing plays or taking away a team's best player. Duron Carter had 11 catches for 185 yards against Toronto two weeks ago, against Hamilton he had only four catches for 43 yards. From a record of 1-6 back in August to East Division champions and now one game away from the Grey Cup, well done Hamilton Tiger-Cats."

Guess he has seen the light!!!!!!!! :rockin:

I could see the black crow feathers hanging from his mouth as he spoke those words!

How has he seen the light?? all he said was that "the Ticats are one win away from the Grey Cup". :roll:
No praise for the Ticats in the article, so I don't know how you can say he's eating crow.

It's the same as saying "if the Ticats lose the EF they are out and not going to the Grey Cup"
He also said "well done to the Ticats" he didn't say that they deserve the win or they played well, just "well done to the Ticats" which means congratulations. He said it was a "significant" win - you can put your own spin on that, it wasn't a great win just "significant" :expressionless:

Dinner is served !!!!! Come and Get it !!!!! :stuck_out_tongue: The Special of the Day !!!!!


Biggest reg. season game in recent memory gets a "well done". Yet he goes beserk when we couldnt blow OTT out.

Well, he did at least praise our defence,

[They] have a defence that continues to improve by making game-changing plays or taking away a team's best player.
going on the state that they pretty much shut down Carter. More than I would have expected from him.

Just remember who he played for!

I'm looking forward to his "Prediction" of a Ticat loss on Sunday the 23rd November. :roll:

Followed up by his "Prediction" of a Ticat loss at the Grey Cup. :wink:

LOL so true, he hit us pretty hard the past few weeks

I thought his piece was fine. He did a bit of a review of all the teams, about a paragraph per team, and it was all pretty understated and matter of fact. Pretty much all he had to say about the Stamps is that they are the team to beat. That's fair and to the point. At the other end, he said Ottawa has the makings of a core group and he commended the fans for sticking with it all season. What he said about the Ticats was fine. I didn't expect him to gush about them. I think he's a pretty knowledgeable football analyst. Predicting Montreal would win the last game was not unreasonable. He was wrong. So what? I'm glad he was wrong, but every time an analyst makes an error in his prediction doesn't mean he needs to wear sackcloth and ashes.

Shutting down Carter is right


Schultzy is pretty unbiased if you ask me. He’s been critical of Hamilton lately because we’ve been underachieving. The team we saw on Saturday is the team he’s been expecting for the past 5 games and he’s right.

It sure nice to be doing post win analysis rather than a post mortem :smiley: