Quote Board: Standout statements from the player media day

TORONTO — Some of the league’s top players came together for the player media day on Thursday afternoon.

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Can someone explain why CFL players and football media are not wearing their CFL team's cloth face mask (and a headset when doing an interview)? I've seen lots of news reporters wearing face masks and doing this. We are in the middle of a pandemic (where people are being told to where face coverings as protection). The CFL has a great online store ( Shop For CFL Merchandise - CFL.ca) in which CFL team cloth face masks are being sold. CFL teams (If you believe the media, anyway) need revenue. NFL teams have proven that even pro athletes in peak shape catch the virus. Why CFL on TSN football media and players and alumni would not be helping support their own team's cause financially - and the Canadian public who they are trying to reach - is beyond me. But I guess I would have to be an owner to understand fully why there are no good revenue-generating ideas out there for the CFL. Wearing your (current or former) team's favourite CFL cloth face mask makes so much sense on so many different levels - I just don't get it. Very, very disappointing.