Quote Board: Standout statements from Maas, O'Shea

HAMILTON — Winnipeg Blue Bombers head coach Mike O’Shea and Montreal Alouettes head coach Jason Maas spoke to the media ahead of the 110th Grey Cup on Sunday, at Tim Hortons Field.

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Both men are class acts… humble and capable, they represent the CFL extremely well… coach O’Shea will be in the bombers ring of honor sooner rather than later… What he’s accomplished is a source of great pride for bomber fans…


I’m very happy for Jason Mass, because he has matured a lot since his days in Edmonton.

I’m sure the positive evolution in his overall demeanor has come from within himself, like he says.

The positive changes he has made over the years are wonderful lessons he can teach all of us, that is it’s possible for a tiger to change its stripes and become a better tiger… Get rid of the negative, keep the positive, and stay authentic and true.

I was a little worried whether Jason Mass would repeat some of the mistakes from Edmonton, but clearly it’s not the case, and it’s a reminder that all of us have it within ourselves to make positive changes and become the individuals we desire.


Maas’ former boss Jeremy O’Day was the guy who surrounded him with “the people he had” in Regina two years in a row and then scapegoated him when he inevitably failed to excel with that barely adequate talent. I hope that Maas’ success this year in Montreal really sticks in O’Day’s craw.

Congrats to Coach Maas and O’Shea for getting the most out their players this season!

Congrats to both these fellas for guiding their teams to the big game. Leaders create/foster the culture, and both are prime examples. Their competitiveness, and passion for the game shines brightly even as they conduct a cordial professional interview. Very authentic, both of them.