Quote Board: Argos take the podium Wednesday

REGINA — Following in the footsteps of their coaches from this morning’s press conference, members of the Toronto Argonauts spoke to the media on Wednesday afternoon.

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Then the most Canadian looking American in the CFL (A.J. Ouellette) lumbered to the podium and said,

"Well you know da game she is going to be hard fart frum start to funnish an' da Argos will be dare to take da Grey Cup for Quabec... uh tabarnak, I mean da Toronto peoples! Viva la France!! Viva la Maple Leafs!!!"


Frickin hillarious. :joy::joy::rofl::rofl:

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Everytime I see mighty Ouellette with that scruffy fur trapper's beard and all that smeared blackout on his cheeks I think 'Coureur des bois'. The only thing he's missing is a rusty musket, a badly patched birchbark canoe and a pet beaver.

Running through the woods searching for the shoreline and his ship to take him back to his homeland. Sans Coup de Grey.

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Suddenly A.J. Ouellette spies a French Frigate off in the distance and hurls his pet beaver 90 yards out to sea shouting, "Va la chercher (go get it) Beaver!!!"

Like a furry torpedo Ouellette's intrepid rodent shoots straight toward the slow moving warship at high speed and smashes into the wooden hull with a barely audible 'thud'... followed by a 'squeak'...