Quotas are for losers, or leagues like the CFL that would ..

... die without them."

Quote in the Toronto Star by Garth Woolsey on Europeans in the NHL. The CFL die without a quota? I hardly think so there Garth.


most media people think that the ncaa, players are automatically better than cis players, because of the number of them, imo more doesnt make better, each year cis produces gifted and taleted players, the cfl years ago set the ballance point in the quota , take the cis, grads out of the cfl and they would be replaced with a revolving door of subpar players from ncaa who would have no connection with the Canadian fans and no understanding of the Canadian game, then the cfl would fold , then it would be replaced with a second tier 4 down game in 3 or 4 canadian cities, :roll: imho

Garth Woolsley is another one of these Toronto know nothings who only knows about sports by what he sees on American TV.

I mean the guy's a big baseball fan. That right there tells you alot. He's the typical Hogtown dinosaur. The sooner we can get rid of guys like him from the Canadian media, the better.

To make some sort of a blanket statement that quotas are for losers really brings into question, for me, exactly how mature this man is. And he is a writer for a large newspaper, scary actually IMO. Posting on discussion forums is one thing, writing articles for a large newspaper is quite another.

I just sent this guy off an email. If he gets back to me I'll post that as well. The email starts below:

Gee. In one article today you managed to smear the NHL and CFL.
The two most popular sports in CAnada.

Then again what should we expect from a typical Hogtown baseball fan? I mean
writer? I guess you're just jealous your fav-or-ite sport ranks down there with
dog show reruns and bowling when it comes to fan interest in Canada?

But your problem is you see everything with an American angle. Thus you say
hockey is in trouble. And take a shot at the CFL. And in turn think basketball,
baseball and the NFL are just so peachy. Because thats how it is in the USA.

But this is Canada buddy. Your'e writing for a CAnadian audience. Your opinions
don't make any sense when you apply them to Canada. In fact I doubt you know
squat about any sport in Canada. At least what you write has me questioning

And considering that the NHL and CFL continue to draw great TV ratings, despite
all you baseball fans/hockey haters in the Hogtown media, shows what little
impact you have on the CAnadian sports fan. Because its obvious we're alot
smarter than you.

Good one there berezin!

Thanks Earl.
I find the writers in the Toronto Star, like GArth Woolsey and Dave Perkins, are the worst in their CFL and hockey bashing.

I'm just tired of our popular Canadian sports getting run down constantly by the many know nothings in the CAnadian media.

All this continued bad press out of Toronto regarding the CFL really makes me wonder why the league even chose the city for this seasons Grey Cup game? If they’r going to have a good crowd it will have to be with fans from other parts of Canada and elsewhere! According to the writers not many Torontonians will attend.

What's wrong with the Quota I like the Quota.

I'd love to see a Quota in the NHL that says you must have 2-4(whatever number) players from in state.

More then ANYTHING the CFL quota is to ensure that the CFL keeps improving their Minor and Junior Football in canada. if it wasn't for the Quota think of all the CFL'ers who are better then basicly all their american CFL counterparts.(Doug Brown, Chu, Khan, Basicly all CFL Kicker/Punters(It's been awhile since one got beat out in camp), Paris Jackson, Braidwood)
There is a long list of Canadian CFL players who are There because of the Quota but are Equal or Better then the Americans who try for their position and more often then not have a better upside.

-Canadian kids more often tend to be the Community guys there are exceptions but those are the greats or Coaches(Pinball would be one)

Any other Major Sport could implement this rule without problems of having to have 50% of their team(s) NI the only league that would face large problems is american NHL teams.

Many Leagues who don't make over 1B a year have Quotas but their of the Veteran Variety(AHL, ECHL, UHL any Baseball league except MLB)


Actually, I was just reading about the Rooney Rule in the NFL wwhich requires teams to interview at least one minority candidate before hiring a head coach. They've been talking about this now especially with Smith and Dungy as the first black coaches in the SB.

For those of you who may dislike the import rule in the CFL and want to see a change, I am wondering if a version of the Rooney Rule applied to players could happen where, for example, no import rule would exist but that teams would be required to bring to camp 'x' number of Canadians to look at. I don't know, maybe something like this is worth investigating.

If I'm not mistaken, the Japanese pro baseball league has quotas. And look what its done for them. They won that baseball classic tournament last spring. So quotas aren't all bad.

To play devils advocate since I don't have a problem with the import rule, there are many people who won't give the CFL the time of day since, in their mind, they argue that the CFL isn't going after the best available players with having to hire so many Canadians regardless if they can play football very well at all. So maybe applying a form of a Rooney Rule may help attract more fans to the CFL, abolishing the import rule as we now see it. A marketing type of thing.

Again, just playing devils advocate here, I personally don't have a problem with it.

The problem with that plan is that there will still be canadians in the league however there will be less and the reason why is that apparently it's easier to find talent in the states, the big issue is that GM's and coaches will always say that players who were in the NCAA are more Game ready even if they don't know the rules the CFL has their Better suited for the game which is a big problem. CIS players or even just Canadians who played HS ball in canada and NCAA football for college/uni have their own leg up considering they know better how to use the motion and other rule differences(no fair catch, 1 point rule, so on)

If the CIS could just make a change of 12 game scheduals then playoffs after it would make CIS players more "game ready" also the CIS needs to make moves to have some NCAA vs. CIS games(possibly a bowl game) to try and show their credibility(CIS teams would need to play mid level NCAA div 1 teams))

Pretty much every sports league outside of the US has qoutas.

Fifa actaully requires qoutas in order to give new soccer leagues their official sanction.

Personnally qouta rules do not bother me but I do prefer how the NHL, NBA, MLB, and NFL do not have them, as an American sports fan I want to see the best players competing in the best leagues in the world.

I also think this is one reason that soccer will never succeed in America, we expect our leagues to be considered #1 in the world (whether they actually are is another debate) but we want to be able to call our champs the world champs.

Again no problem with qouta rules and I still enjoy the CFL greatly but I do think if you want your league to be seen as the best league in the world in a given sport having a qouta will prevent this.

lol, americans always thing their teams and players are the best regardless of Quotas it's part of their I'm the center of the world complex.
MLB is mindnumbingly BORING.

CFL quota = good thing.

The more I think about it, the more I'd like the CFL to move towards a Rooney type of structure where they'd have to bring so many Canadians to camp to look at but not have to sign anyone. And this will result in teams signing Canadians anyways since once they are at camp and have a chance to get looked at competing agains't Americans, some will look good enough to get signed on merit alone rather than nationality.

lol, americans always thing their teams and players are the best regardless of Quotas it's part of their I'm the center of the world complex. MLB is mindnumbingly BORING.

CFL quota = good thing.

lol, people with reading comprehension problems, gotta love them.

I never said Americans always think their teams and players are best regardless of qoutas.

Quite the opposite actually, if you could read, I clearly state thate Americans do not see the players in MLS (most of whom are American) as the best players or teams and that is why I believe the league will never truely succeed.

Americans do not give a damn where the players are from but we want to see the best at their sport in our leagues.

Whether you think MLB is boring is totally irrelevant, no one questions that outside of a handful of Japanese and Cuban players the best baseball players in the world play in MLB. And guess what many are not Americans. Same with both the NHL and NBA.

I do not think America is the center of the world but guess what we are incredibly wealthy and because of that we can afford to bring the best players in the world over here to compete in our leagues.

And we (Americans that is) like to see the best compete in their sports in our leagues whether they are American, Japanese, British, Dominican, or from anywhere in the world.

I have no problem with qouta's in leagues, it is up to the individual league but the FACT is that if you want the best players in your league than qoutas are not going to give you that.

CFL qouta may equal good thing, that was not the point of my post.

One final point,

If the NHL, NBA, or MLB put qoutas on their teams requiring a certian amount of Americans per team, it would suck and destroy those leagues IMO, because they would no longer get the best in the world playing in those leagues.

If I were so American centric as you claim, I would have no problem with such qoutas because Americans would have to be the best based on what you think I am saying.

American sports teams and leagues are the best because they get the best players from everywhere, not because they are American.

warner, if Americans are so into this “it must be the best or else”, then why do Americans flock to college basketball and football games in droves knowing that very, very few of the players in these games have the talent, or will ever make it to pro?

Its apples and oranges but it still fits.

Division 1 is the only level that people flock to and guess what, division 1 players of the best of the college players.

In addition they are the feeder leagues to the big leagues and many fans like to see the kids as the develop. Notice the only 2 big college sports are in effect minor leagues for one of the big four sports, college hockey and baseball (which have their own minor leagues) do not draw great at all. Nor do any other college sports.

Oh yeah and the college sports don't have qouta's either.

And I will add this also, many American sports fans enjoy minor league or minor sports, look at the popularity of minor league baseball, arena football, and a few others, but they prefer to watch the best of the best.

And this is just my personal theory but I think that the evidence supports the theory.