Quiz: Who did it in 1 yr that Barrett/Shivers couldn't in 7?

Austin/Tillman gave the Riders a Home game in 1 season when Barrett and Shivers couldn’t even get close in 7 seasons!!

now does that make them look bad or what??

anyone here still angry they let them go??

shouldn’t be! :roll:

Barrett/Shivers should have done it a couple of times, but in true Riders fashion (and they've done it this year a few times too) they choked in a couple of big games and lost that standing.

It seems to me that in 2004 it went to the final week to decide who took which place in the West. BC ended up in 1st, Calgary in 2nd, and we took 3rd.

Let it go dude!!!

austin and tillman came into a completely different situation that barrett and shivers did. For the first three years barrett and shivers had to build a team that could qualify for the playoffs.

Austin and Tillman were given a team that has qualified for the playoffs the last four years.

What you are proposing isn’t worth talking about.

Austin and Tillman are great. We are better with them. Much better. But slapping Barrett and Shivers isn't fair. They did some good things. Yes it was 7 years. But be fair. They made the Riders better. Thank them for that. I do.

I have to admitt Id thought you guys would finish last with those 2. Austin should be coach of the year no question.

Really, there is one significant difference. Treatment of players and expectations of players. No one is sacred and everyone is expected to respect the team and the fans. That difference alone has likely resulted in 2 or 3 more wins. And having that attitude for the past 7 seasons would likely have resulted in hosting a playoff game or two. Too many times I saw players mail in their performances and it hasn't happened this year. When in those 7 years can you remember players being benched like Fantuz and Clovis have been?

First of all: :roll:

Secondly, if it wasnt for DB and Roy making the trade for KJ, we wouldnt be where we are.

If Tillman hadn't signed Joseph he wouldn't be in the CFL. This thing is silly. Barrett and Shivers did some good things. Why put them down? Austin and Tillman are great. Best gm and coach we've had here. Maybe. Time will say yes or no. This team is going to win 12 or 13 games. No one expected them to. Not me. Not you. Give Austin and Tillman credit. But leave Shivers and Barrett alone. They gave us 7 years. They made us better. Enough. Enjoy the season.

to add to yours austinpowers on one of the jumbotrons at the game they said the riders have made the playeoffs 6 times in a row. Most teams can't say that about their 6 year history. Shivers rebuilt this team, Austin and Tillman took over and made adjustments.

Almost half the team is new. Maybe 40 percent. That is more than adjustments. Give Austin and Tillman more credit than that. Hell of a job. Gave us 1st home playoff game in 20 years. Led league in points scored I think. But Shivers and Barrett deserve respect. That was my thought. Thank them for what they did.

yea but I can GUARANTEE you that if Barrett had stayed? They would not be 2nd place.

no you cant. quit talking so stupid

oh come on man! The Reason we kept on being 3rd place for those years with Barrett and Shivers was because of Coaching!!

it's so obvious!

You're the blind one my friend.

We had pretty much the same kind of talent as last year.. very similar!

yet we ended up 9-9 and third place!

Austin Brought out from the players a heck of a lot more than Barrett did!

if you honestly think that Barrett was a good of a coach as Austin, you're the stupid one.

Why not wait seven years to see how we do in the playoffs before making any assumptions. At first blush I would say Austin is much more even-keeled than Shivers and Barrett, but I have to wonder if Shivers' argumentative personality sometimes hampered Barrett's ability to keep the clubhouse under control.

could have been

but shivers and Barrett were pals

when Tillman replaced Shivers.. Barrett tried to put RS stickers on each players helmets to honour Shivers...

and Tillman almost fired Barrett right there, but decided to wait for the teams benefit!

I think Barrett was following Shivers rules.

If you think you can say that this quickly you are being very ignorant. First of all, last year was last year and therefore you cannot say we would be 9-9 and in third place again. Secondly, they are two VERY different coaches. How many times did the Riders get to the West Final in the last few years? Quite a few.
You have no arguement whatsoever. Quit making yourself look bad.

You dont think Tillman and Austin are pals...:roll::roll::roll::roll:

Yes. And ET won't even speak to Joe Paopao for not showing the type of loyalty to him, that DB showed to Roy.