Quiz time

Okay it Quiz Time

(1) Name the only Quarterback to win Titles in AFL & NFL but Also Play in the CFL

(2) what AFL team did the Ticats play in 1961

(3) What was the score of that game

(4)what other 2 CFL teams played NFL teams in 1961

(5) what where the game scores .

(6) what current NFL GM played for ticats in 1978.

(7) who had the shortest coaching career in the CFL

(8) who coach the Sacramento Gold Miners in their 1st season in the CFL

I’ll have the answers friday

Without looking anything up, I'll take a stab at #7, and suggest John Huard, who was hired as the first head coach of the Shreveport Pirates, but fired during training camp. But then he resurfaced in Toronto and didn't last long there (mind you he did get to actually coach a few regular season games that time).

Who is ex Cuban leader Battista?

need to redo question 6

so here it is :

what NFL GM’s Dad became head coach of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.
That stint was as brief as it was disappointing;
the club fired him before his first season ended.

as for Question 7 there 3 answers and all 3 would be correct depending on who u ask

Who is, uhhhh, Hernandez?

The Rough Riders have played the New York Giants and I believe the Philadelphia Eagles, but I thought it was in the late 50's, not 1961.

(1) Tobin Rote Won a NFL title with the Detroit lions in 1957 then went to Argos in 1960 then to AFL San Diego Chargers winning The 1963 AFL Title.

(2) Hamilton Beat Buffalo

(3) Hamilton 38 Buffalo 21

(4) Chicago Bears (NFL) VS Montreal Alouettes (CFL) / St. Louis Cardinals (NFL) vsToronto Argonauts (CFL)

(5) St. Louis Cardinals 36, Toronto Argonauts 7/
Chicago Bears 34, Montreal Alouettes 16

(6) Thomas Dimitroff SR 1978 his son Thomas JR is the GM of The Alanta Falcons.

(7)1994 John Huard was fired by Lonie Glieberman in Shreveport before they played 1 game

(8) Kay Stephenson coach the gold miners in their 1st season in the CFL.

Name the only player to quarterback in the Super Bowl, Rose Bowl, and the Grey Cup.

Joe Kapp.

Too sharp :wink:

as sharp as a marble in a vat of lard that is.. :smiley:

Which former CFL coach has a major stadium (over 20,000 seats) named after him? (And no, its not Frank Clair)

name QBs that started in 3 different pro leagues, not counting arena.

I will start with Flutie...anyone else??

I know former Lion Jerry Tagge is one

Tobin Rote

Andre Ware would qualify if you count NFL Europe as a league
Ditto for David Archer if the WLAF (same as NFL Europe) is counted

Frank Kush Field?

Wow, that's a great guess but technically only the field is named after Kush while the stadium is named something else.
(really impressive guess though) :thup:

I can't remember. Did Warren moon play briefly with the LA Express? I don't think he did, but if he did, that would be CFL, USFL and NFL. I know Hugh Campbell left the Esks to coach the Express and the big rumor was Moon would follow, but I don't think it ever happened.

Moon never played for the Express. He went straight from Edmonton to Houston. Perhaps you’re thinking of Steve Young who still is getting paid even though the team ceased to exist almost 30 years ago.