Quiz time

Okay it Quiz Time

(1) Name the only Quarterback to win Titles in AFL & NFL but Also Play in the CFL

(2) what AFL team did the Ticats play in 1961

(3) What was the score of that game

(4)what other 2 CFL teams played NFL teams in 1961

(5) what where the game scores .

(6) what current NFL GM played for ticats in 1978.

(7) who had the shortest coaching career in the CFL

(8) who coach the Sacramento Gold Miners in their 1st season in the CFL

I’ll have the answers friday

(1) Tobin Rote

(2) Buffalo Bills

(3) 38-21 Hamilton over Buffalo

(4) Montreal & Toronto

(5) 34-16 Chicago over Montreal & 36-7 St. Louis over Toronto.

(6) No idea.... but it sure wasn't Tom Dimitroff

(7) George Dickson

(8) Kay Stephenson

I need to redo question 6

so here it is :

what NFL GM’s Dad became head coach of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.
That stint was as brief as it was disappointing;
the club fired him before his first season ended.

There some debate over question 7
as there 3 answers and all could be correct .

(1) Tobin Rote Won a NFL title with the Detroit lions in 1957 then went to Argos in 1960 then to AFL San Diego Chargers winning The 1963 AFL Title.

(2) Hamilton Beat Buffalo

(3) Hamilton 38 Buffalo 21

(4) Chicago Bears (NFL) VS Montreal Alouettes (CFL) / St. Louis Cardinals (NFL) vsToronto Argonauts (CFL)

(5) St. Louis Cardinals 36, Toronto Argonauts 7/
Chicago Bears 34, Montreal Alouettes 16

(6) Thomas Dimitroff SR 1978 his son Thomas JR is the GM of The Alanta Falcons.

(7)1994 John Huard was fired by Lonie Glieberman in Shreveport before they played 1 game

(8) Kay Stephenson coach the gold miners in their 1st season in the CFL.

Then I guess you couldn't really call it a coaching career since he never coached a single game. That would be like saying Kevin Glenn had the shortest career as the starting QB for the Ottawa RedBlacks. He left before playing a single game once Henry Burris was brought in.

He was still a Head Coach

Didn't Huard coach the Argos? I remember him in an orange track suit and everyone wondering why he wasn't in Double Blue.

He did he was fired after the argos started 1 and 6 under him in 2000

George Dickson was fired after 4 games .( O-4 record ).
Ti-Cats ended up losing the Eastern Final by a narrow margin to the eventual Grey Cup Champs. ( Ottawa Rough Riders )
Who replaced George Dickson and almost led the Ti-Cats to the Grey Cup?
Hint - It was 1976.

That’s " B.S ."

That's correct it was B.S.
Hint TC's went 8 - 8 and the coach was named coach of the year.
Who is B.S. ?

Bob Shaw

none other than Bob Shaw who led the team to an eventual 8-8 2nd place finish that season,the Cats defeated the Alouettes in the East semi final at Ivor Wynne but lost the East final in a squeaker to Ottawa 17-15.Shaw for his efforts was awarded the coach of the year award.Unfortunately for Shaw the team went 5-11 the next season,and missed the play-offs which led to the Cats firing him and hiring none other than Tom DiMitroff as head coach to start the "78" season which leads directly to Robofans original question #6 which he eventually amended and corrected. :cowboy:

Here's some more trivia and Quiz time from that "76" season,Enjoy and Good Luck :slight_smile: :rockin:

#1......what was the score of the East Semi-final game against the Alouettes ?
#2......3 Cats made the CFL All-Star team that season,name them
#3......what was the halftime score in the East final that year ?
#4......who scored both of the Cats tds in the East final ?
#5......who was the lone holdover player on that "76" team from the Grey Cup team of "72" ?(hint:he was also one of the three on the All-star team)
#6......what was the final score between us and the Riders when we played them in Ottawa late in the regular season ?
#7......from 1950 to 1976,how many years did the Cats miss the play-offs? name the years ?
#8......from 1950 to 1976 how many times did the Cats represent the East in the Grey Cup ?name the years ?
#9......how many Cups did the team win from 1950 to 1976 ? name the years won ?
#10.....name the two Western teams that we never faced in the Cup in that time span ?

  1. Hamilton - 23 Montreal - 0
  2. Jimmy Edwards, Lewis Porter, and David Shaw
  3. Ottawa -16 Hamilton - 1
  4. Terry Evanshen
  5. There were actually two: Lewis Porter and Ed Chalupka
  6. Hamilton - 25 Ottawa - 6
  7. Twice: 1960 and 1973
  8. Eleven:53,57,58,59,61,62,63,64,65,67, and 72.
  9. Six:53,57,63,65,67,72.
  10. Calgary and Edmonton

George Dickson's coaching record was 0-2. He was fired after the second regular season game. He also coached the 'Cats to a 0-4 record in the pre-season games that year.

:thup: :thup: Two thumbs up mightypope !!!! move to the head of the class,a perfect score 10 out of 10 :D and kudos for your Chalupka correction.I thought that Chalupka retired in "75" along with Henley and Krouse,completely forgot that he played on that "76" squad,which was his final season as a Cat player ending a 7 year career that began in the 1970 season. :cowboy: :thup:

Here's some more Ti-Cat trivia,Enjoy and good luck!!! :thup: :cowboy:

#1.....The Ti-Cats and the Alouettes pulled of a massive 8 player trade just prior to the "76" season.Who was the Ti-Cat traded to the Alouettes ?
#2.....Who was the player whose rights were traded to the Alouettes,put never played for them in that trade?
#3.....The Cats acquired 6 players in the deal,name all 6 of them ?
#4.....Who was the Alouette coach that year ?
#5.....What was the Alouettes regular season record in the "76" season ?
#6.....The Als and Cats played each other 3 times in the regular season in "76",who won the series between them ?
#7..... What was the final score in all 3 games ?
#8.....What was the attendance at Ivor Wynne in the lone game that season when the Als played the Cats ?
#9.....What was the attendance at Ivor Wynne for the East Semi-Final game between the two that year ?
#10....The coach of the Als is one of only 2 coaches in history to ever accomplish this feat,what feat is it ? and who is the other coach that also accomplished it ?

Nicely done mightypope.

I fancy myself to have a pretty good memory of Ticat things from the early 60s-mid 70s, but I tip my cap to your superior knowledge. I'd have had to do quite a bit of homework to dig out some of those answers.

Found this short video clip on youtube of the “76” Eastern Final.It shows Terry Evanshen making an amazing catch at the back of the endzone for his 2nd TD of the game and the score Ottawa 16 Hamilton 15 in the 3rd quarter.I remember Evanshen playing his heart out that game and throwing his helmet to the turf in frustration when the Cats lost this heart breaker by 2 points 17-15 after being down 16-1 at the half.The clip is only about 4 and a half minutes,but you can sense how exciting and tense the game was from it.So take a short trip down memory lane and enjoy…ps there is a few clues in the clip to help you with my trivia quiz. :smiley: