"He surprised some people in the past two weeks by labelling some of his players quitters..."

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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

New GM is shaking up storied franchise and won't tolerate 'quitters'

By Gordon McIntyre,
Vancouver Province[/i]

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his last line pretty much summed it up. i think he was motivating the guys to finish strong. i think he back pedaled a bit from the quitters remark. i tell you what though its a hop skip and a jump from calling everyone a bunch of losers and quitters. also i dont know who he labelled he just said some of the guys. which i dont agree with. see previous posts.

I like where he said "where I come from". And where he comes from is from an organization that has a winning tradition so I don't think I have a problem with his observations so far here. Remember that coaches and management are somewhat obliged to give interviews to the press, he can't always just say benign stuff like "I think next year we can be better if we play better...", then this will be a bit of a joke in the press and they won't buy this. Almost like "no comment."

Agreed. And I think it also sends a positive message to other players in the league who might not otherwise consider playing here and to the fans as well, especially the ones who are getting disillusioned.

Here's the last few lines, and I like what he says.

[i]""I don't want to point fingers at anybody, but the bottom line is there was a lack of overall structure and discipline and that's what it all boils down to," Desjardins said. "Maybe it's because where I come from it's done a different way.

"The bottom line is I'm watching our games and I see us not having any urgency to what we're doing. And that's if it's a close game or we're having our asses handed to us.

"Look, a lot of the things I'm saying, I just want to get people to realize that the last game of the year means something.

"I don't want people going through the motions, thinking, 'Hey, let's just play out the string, Merry Christmas and see you next year.' "[/i]

Exactly. I like his straight shootin' style. It's a refershing change from the usual blah, blah, blah. There's an urgency here and I like it.

Do you think its good for Mr Desjardins to keep on bringing out comments like this out in the public?? I wonder why he is not keeping it in house.

i think he was under alot of pressure from media to clarify his earlier remarks. this was a way to do it. definately needs to keep in house.

He's gone public with his observations because he has to sell season's tickets. He has to let the public know that he's aware of the problems and that things will be different next year. I don't envy this guy one bit. His every move and statement will be put under a microscope.

An Argo fan

i dont know if that sells tickets. you can generate ticket sales by bringing in new talent. they are already bringing in new coaches so they will have plenty positive things to sell the fan base. i dont buy your argument. then i totally dismiss it by the time i read Argo fan ( just joking ) this is not the way to do it. but its done and its too late to change it.

I think this will help bring in new talent. It's a strong signal that losing is unacceptable. Players might be more inclined to come here. It's important to keep in mind that, by not pointing fingers, Marcel (and Jesse) didn't cross the line with their comments.

And conversely this can't possibly hurt a team that's as dismal as this one is now. There's nothing to lose at this point.

i think its a good move. the people of hamilton often need a reason to come to games. This may be some sort of ploy by bob to keep the "fresh face, new attitude" look to the cats alive.

Well, status quo from this year sure ain't going to sell any more tickets, that's for sure.

captainkirk bringing players to hamilton can be accomplished by a phone call a meeting where the men can talk and let them know about the plans of the program and what will be tolerated. what do you think we just put up wanted players please apply sign. try again

I like the fact that our new GM, Mr. Desjardins is being blunt and honest. It doesn't seem like this is a man who plays games or plays favourites. He is here to build a winning team and he wants the organization and the fans to know it.

I don't necessarily agree with everything he says, but I certainly like the way he handles himself and (like our beloved caretaker, Bob) I believe he is absolutely committed to building us a winning team.

hey make no mistake i believe he is committed to building a winning team and i think he is capable. that doesnt mean that i agree with what he says in the media.

I don't think "keeping it in-house" is going to be an effective intervention if the problem is as widespread as it seems (and as a season-ticket holder, I have seen it up close and personal). I'm glad Lumsden called these guys out the way he did; yeah, he's new, but he comes from winning organizations and recognizes the difference.

If Desjardins can let other players in the league know that 1) the Cats are committed to winning and 2) this is not a place to come and collect a pay cheque without commitment and work, then he is doing the team a GREAT service. He has not singled any one player out, but has let them ALL know that the effort is not good enough.

How’d you like to be the guy who, because of injury, age, salary situation, ratio situation or just a logjam of talent at a particular postion, is let go this off-season by the Cats. You get to carry the “quitter” label around with you as you shop for a job with a new team. And even if you get another job, then you have to deal with the fans and the media giving you that label.

good post

"A logjam of talent"?!!

An Argo fan

RB for starters

"Quitters" get fired, traded, and hired all the time in the sports entertainment field.