Quitman Porter....Seriously?

You place your immediate future in the "hand" of an oooooooooold 1-armed quarterback
While your "quarterback of the future" leaves
And then you get a brainstorm:
Why not nab a REEALY BAD quarterback recently released
From the league's LAST PLACE team

The you serve up this garbage to placate lifetime Als fans:

“I think this is the perfect opportunity for the transition to go from Anthony to me. Hopefully Anthony can end his career with a bang and pass the baton off to me," Quinton Porter said
The Alouettes are in "death throes mode" Make no mistake about it If there were any doubts Look into the history of teams grabbing rejects From the rest of the league

Jim Popp must have gone completely insane
It's obviously time to rebuild this team
Time well overdue for a seriously youth movement turnover
Instead we get this garbage

Arland Bruce da Turd?
Are you kidding me?

I like them both. Wait till the coach is picked (before free agency begins) and he can pick and choose what is best for the offense he wants to run. Your getting ahead of yourself I think.

uh-oh. the tantrum begins....... :cry: gonna be a long season :lol:

Seem to recall the Als grabbing one of the Ti Cats rejects several years ago ... just in case you may have forgotten that would be one of your favorite Als players... that's right AC !!

Oh and yes Bruce signed too. But again you do not mention in your post, that any of these guys can easily be released as they were signed.

Thankfully the Bruins are back pla ying hockey. :wink:

I don't understand why anyone would get their shorts in a knot over these signings. If any of them make the team, fine; if they don't they'll be released so nothing lost. Popp has a track record of picking up other teams' rejects at QB. .. Jason Maas and Cody Pickett to name two. .. and of course AC. If Porter doesn't show anything in training camp, he'll be released. So where's the harm in giving him a shot?

just feel the need to have their shorts in a knot is my guess. :wink:

absolutely none.

I have nothing against McPherson, other than thinking he is just an average QB. But the reality of the situation is that so does everybody else. He will have trouble finding another CFL spot.

From the Winnipeg Free Press:

"For starters, it is now clear that the Bombers have no interest in the services of Calgary's Kevin Glenn, former Hamilton Ticat Quinton Porter or Montreal's Adrian McPherson.

Glenn lost whatever shine he might have had when he proved in the 2012 Grey Cup game that he's just good enough to lose. And the Bombers' brain trust just doesn't think Porter -- who became a free agent this week -- or McPherson -- who could become a free agent next month -- are any better than what they've already got.

If Reilly does decide to stay in the CFL, it could create the bizarre scene where a quarterback with the grand total of 77 career passes in the CFL becomes the centre of what could be a bidding war between the Bombers and the equally desperate Edmonton Eskimos."

Republished from the Winnipeg Free Press print edition January 18, 2013 C4

So Adrian`s only real chance to land will be Edmonton should they lose out to Wpg. in the Reilly bidding war which I doubt. And I will ask again, if he is so highly regarded, will McPherson get any NFL offers?

oh and a happy birthday to Jamel Richardson today. Hopefully he'll be back but if not, thanks for everything. :thup:

Glenn, by playing the Calgary role with Montreal, would offer proven QB ability should Calvillo get injured this season. He hasn't QB'd a team to the Grey Cup but, unless we get a QB from the 12 or so that are reportedly on the Als negotiation list, Glenn might fill the bill?

AC played all the games last year (except the meaningles last game). As of now we have Adrian and Quinton as backups why would we TRADE for Glenn???? Not to mention we can only protect one QB at the end of the season because of expansion.


D'autre part, comme il semble évident que McPherson ne veut pas revenir à Montréal (peut-on l'en blâmer?), Porter a assurément ce qu'il faut pour faire avec les Alouettes ce que McPherson y faisait.

Il y a tout de même cette différence : Porter a beaucoup plus de jeu derrière la cravate que McPherson. Il est mobile et il est capable de se rendre à sa trosième lecture sans prendre ses jambes à son cou. Est-il meilleur que McPherson l'aurait été s'il avait eu autant de temps de jeu? Peut-être pas. Mais présentement, Porter est plus à l'aise que McPherson derrière une ligne de mêlée.

Une petite devinette : qui des 3 nouveaux venus a le plus prononcé le mot "I" dans son entrevue? Vous avez deviné, c'est celui qui en a 3 dans son nom.

Je préfère Porter à McPherson, non seulement "présentement".. mais à long terme.
La chance d'être mieux entouré, d'apprendre de Calvillo, c'est une chance que l'on se donne de répéter la trouvaille d'un Calvillo dont personne ne voulait, qui a appris sous l'aile de Ham.

McPherson a eu plusieurs années pour apprendre de Calvillo, mais sa lecture de jeu ne semblait pas améliorée pour autant.
Il était temps de passer à autre chose.

Et si Porter ne fonctionne pas, nous iront en chercher un autre.. je ne suis pas inquiet.

C`est ca une des problemes de McPherson, il ne peut pas faire meme son 2ieme lecture et devient Andheran McPherson.

A poster in another thread was getting sarcastic about how few Calvillo understudies are presently lighting up the league (i.e., none, which is interesting considering how long he has been a starter). Als fans have often complained that the understudies never get on the field, whether it's a blowout loss, a blowout win, or just a bad day for AC. Was it the same with Calvillo under Ham, or is it possible that being understudy to the Eternal Quarterback is the route to oblivion? He'll have to stop some day, and a lot may depend on who happens to be understudy at that precise moment. Sort of like Joe Clark becoming PM because he happened to be there when the country got tired of Trudeau.

[i]OHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Senior ah me, the King of Kensington is displeased a plenty with these hires! Admit it Senior, you are afraid that Porter's signing means "hit the road jack" for your beloved McPherson. You should go watch that 2009 game McPherson started against the Ticats. That'll cheer you up buddy!!!! :lol:

(Oh Senior, why don't you add your official title "King of Kensington" to your signature? Come on King, own it!)[/i]