Quite the Rider/ Ticat game

Did anyone else think the Rider game had a "Schizophrenic" feeling?

I just got back from the game (okay from the bar after the game) and I can say that, based on my first-hand account, it was a really good game, schizo or not. I really appreciated that it was close right to the bitter end. Makes for a way more exciting game :slight_smile:

well there is one good thing about the next two weeks! :smiley:

we have The Argos and they are playing like they did last year…

today’s game vs the Esks was so embarassing!

the Riders just need to put together a good game plan and we should easily have 2 wins.

but we cannot take any team lightly, especially us!

we cannot afford to donate another win to another bad team for the sake of the CFL!

Do us a favor and kick the snot out of them.Watching the Arblow's get owned is almost as awesome as watching the Ticats own :slight_smile:

Take it to em Riders! :rockin: