quite impressed with the game!

Wow i have to say i was quite impressed with what i seen on tv last night playing against Edmonton. Our offense played pretty well. At first we made a few mistakes but I mean Prechae Rodriguez had an amazing game!! Terry Caulley played really well also like always. Nick Settas kicks were long and deep and some of them were just phemnomenal. Printers was a little rusty at first and wasnt always consistent but played a pretty good game. Some of his throws were nice and sharp and right on the money. A few times the receivers dropped the ball but they were catchable.

Im glad to see were going deep at times but I hope we dont try doing that too much if its not working. I find Printers did that a few times where we were 2 and out. Like i mean, if we try a long bomb down field and it didnt work and were second and 10 i wouldnt necessarily gamble the second time doing a long bomb..just get the short pass and get teh first down. Other then that things were good.

I was disspointed to see Lumsden hurt once again. He is definately accident prone. I dont know what to do about him. When he is in, he plays really well for us but hes not in as much as we would like. We have a really good running back in Terry Caulley so its not that bad not having Lumsden. Having Caulley and Lumsden on the field at the same time though opens a lot of doors for us. We will see what happens later.

As for our defense I really liked having Geoff Tisdale in for us and i think he should be teh starting defensive back with Chris Thompson. I do like Ryan Glasper but i think Rontarius Robinson is better for us. Thats just my opinion.

I thought Cornelius Anthony was pretty effective overall considering he has big shoes to fill..filling zeke morenos spot. Only time will tell how well he gels in that position. :slight_smile:

I was dissapointed not seeing that Alain Kashama. I was hoping they would give him a try as Defensive end. We seemed to put some more pressure on the quarterback but i would like to see more of that next game..

Overall, good work ticats..close game that we should have won but at least it wasnt a blow out.

He also dropped 3 easy balls.
All 3 were (relatively) low… as in belly-high and down.

Looks like you’ve got to get him the ball above the shoulders, like a basketball rebound (although his first touchdown was waist-high).