Quinton was on tonight

don't respond to the guy who is trying to get the thread locked like he has with any other involving Porter. Its obvious and quite sad really

Two good games in three yrs. doesn't make the guy a starter. Great game tonight, like I said before I am convinced he has changed his ways I would like to see him under real game pressure not mop up duty.. Besides the game was already won at the half.


Porter did show some improvement this game, and I liked that he utilized the pocket better. However to be fair to mopar.

[url=http://watch.tsn.ca/cfl-games-on-demand/pre-season-b-alouettes-vs-ticats/#clip489333]http://watch.tsn.ca/cfl-games-on-demand ... clip489333[/url]

He got really lucky at 18:10

I think we can all agree with that. . . and I don't think anyone is saying that Porter should be the starter.

But, dr, surely even you can admit, that Porter looked a heck of a lot better last night than we have seen over the past two seasons. Can he keep it up when the games count? Who knows, I'm sure you'll predict that he can't, but come on, can't you at least give a little credit where it is due and admit that Porter looked better than you (and me, and some others) expected?

I've been on record in here frequently saying that I had seen no 'development' in Porter over the past two seasons, rather I was seeing regression. So I have not been a Porter fan (although I don't hate him the way you seem to), but I am able to admit that he played very well last night.

I'm in total agreement with your comments MadJack. Last night is, I believe, only the second game where I felt Porter performed well enough to be considered a GOOD CFL #1 backup QB. Nice to see him look for a second receiver before starting to run for his life and equally nice to see Glenn more open to taking it himself occasionally. I've not been a fan of #12 but will go so far as to say he was our best performing QB last night.

Porter played his best game ever, was it against the best Montreal had to offer? NO.


When will you grow up and stop acting like an ass?

Don't worry about it, Displaced. After all, maturity isn't a requirement to comment on this site. Best to ignore his predictable rants altogether.

Sage advice.

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For most part, was it with the best Hamilton had to offer??? :roll:

Last night dr. mopar's ears must have been ringing because all my boyfriend and I could talk about was how mopar was going to find a way to avoid admitting that Porter did a great job. We even had our own version of mopar math figured out to prove to him how much better Porter did in 2 quarters than Boltus did in 3, but (big shock) it's useless to even try.

Great posts made by many posters are falling on deaf ears. When the guy can't even admit that Porter played well without adding a "but" to it in some way or another, it is clearly a big waste of time trying to convince him otherwise. Just as it is now a big waste of time for him to try to convince us that he has any credibility. The irony of it all is that last week's performance by Boltus (in a losing cause as mentioned) was enough to supplant QP as #2, but this winning performance against a better team doesn't appear to be enough to cement QP as the #2

The entire point to me is that Porter solidly re-earned his position as #2 on this team. He also showed MB that he is willing to do anything asked of him, as he did last year on short yardage as well as any other assignment he was given.

Make no mistake this is Kevin Glenn’s team at this time, but as a fan I am not the least bit worried about our back up situation.

Point missed about last nights game is that Porter ran his offense so well that his play afforded the new players a better opportunity to show case their skills. Making for better competition in camp and as we all know “better is better? no matter how it is achieved.

Because Porter handled is assignment so well last night, MB and Obie have a very tough week ahead trimming the roster, and no matter where players like Grant, Williams or McDaniel end up they will know that the good leadership shown last night by Quinton Porter helped.

He was given an assignment and he did every thing asked of him.

Excellent points, Justafan. QP did a very fine job, executing the offence and enabling receivers to showcase their skills. He is an asset to the team.

I'm betting it will be the same old same old when the reg. season is underway.. Trestman is one sly fox and he would luv Hamilton to start thinking Glenn isn't the man. You guys really are not that slow are you??
Wow... Do you really believe that Trestman has a plot to subvert our choice for starting QB? I think you're listening to way too much Coast to Coast late night radio.

You are saying you complimented QP and then backing it up with a "same old" comment? I may be slow but you are not making any sense whatsoever.

Fact - Quinton was playing with almost all second stringers and he STILL made himself and just as importantly, everyone else around him look very good.

Some people on here love to get jumpy and I’m not talking about DR…
Porter looked good, one of the best games ive seen him play but like drmopar said it was against mtls 2nd and 3rd string guys. I’m not putting him down because of that, Porter doesn’t get to decide who mtl puts out there on defense.

Well said Makavelli: I was impressed with Porter, but I was impressed with him a couple of years ago when he had an outstanding game against Montreal's first stringers. If nothing else, it shows us that he has it in him to be a very good to excellent QB in this league. Whether that comes this year, next year or the following year depends on how Glenn plays over the same period. Quite frankly, Glenn looked a little off last night. His timing needs work. He missed at least 2 or three Tds with overthrown passes. That's understandable at this time of year but something he needs to correct quickly.
I was particularly concerned watching the first half of last night's game which put (more or less) their best against our best. I think we were badly outplayed if you took away all the Alouette fumbles. Their offence picked our defensive secondary apart with ease and our offense had some nice drives but could not score in the red zone.
Nothing to get too upset about this early in the season but something that concerned me in the first half. It was easy to forget about as the game progressed and the momentum shifted almost entirely in our favour. Unfortunately, it was not what we can expect in regular season games.

Adrian McPherson: 7/10 for 116 yards, 1 TD, and 0 interceptions
Quinton Porter: 12/18 for 210 yards, 1 TD, and 0 interceptions

McPherson had a better completion percentage despite playing way less than Porter. Adrian played for less than a quarter. Porter had the entire second half. Moreover, Porter has started more games in the CFL than McPherson.

So respectfully, I'd disagree that Porter outplayed McPherson, wide margin or not. They both had good games.

Good points TC… Marcell and Obie still have some holes to fill in our secondary…


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