Quinton was on tonight

QP looked solid tonight:

Good pocket patience. Accurate throws. Great fake to set up the walk in for the TD.

I know the play was against second teams but he outplayed McPherson by a big margin.

Hopefully a sign of steady play from Quinton.

Terry Grant was strong as well. Great to see from back-ups.

My personal 3 stars of the game are:
1.Quinton Porter
2.Bakari Grant/Terry Grant
3.Chris Williams/Ray Wladuchuk

I know I know, not 3 but so hard to choose when so many were just on fire tonight.

Looked like he got some confidence back!

he was very impressive, I'm just hoping a QB controversy is not in our near future, Glenn is #1, Porter is #2

Porter is our safety net, (knock on wood) if Glenn were to get injured

K. GLENN 13/25 118 0 0
Q. PORTER 12/18 230 1 0

[url=http://liveplay.cflcentral.com/LPFiles/5_2011_cfllive_scoreboard.html]http://liveplay.cflcentral.com/LPFiles/ ... board.html[/url]

Porter did look sharp out there and if Glenn gets injured (which I hope doesn’t happen) maybe we won’t need to be quite as worried as we thought.

That is all true.

He might have been up against second teams, but in the second half when he played, he only had backups and rookies to throw to. I didn’t see AB3, Stala, or Mann out there when Porter played. There were backup O-linemen out there as well. Hage sat out that half, and I don’t think Dyakowski, Rottier or Jimenez played that half either.

A great performance by him tonight. Good to see.

Lets not forget Montreal thru the game after the first half, they even put Santos in second quarter..
The second half was pretty much mop up time for the second stringers.. I will say it looked impressive, however we will have trouble scoring 30 on Montreal in the reg. season and keeping them below 30 in the future..


I have been critical of Porter in the past but tonight he looked very very good. He took off with the ball in his first series of plays which led to a punt. I told my wife after the first series that the coach should tell him he can no longer run the ball, that he had to stay in the pocket and either throw it or get sacked. I think the coach heard me lol because from then on Porter hung in there and found his receivers. What a difference it makes.
PS I think our front four did an outstanding job protecting the QBs. At one point Glenn had all day to throw the ball and finally found Bruce for a nice gain....

Agree, our whole team looked very impressive tonight.. Thanks obie for finding a couple of great field goal kickers. Its going to be tuff letting one of those guys go.


He did look good but it vs Montreal 2nd and 3rd String D..

As I said in the GDT, Porter looked real solid tonight. .and he seemed to have a bit of chemistry with C Williams too…I feel better about our back up situation after tonight display

Are you serious? After you praised Boltus like he was your son last week, you can't even admit that Porter played well? Is your hate really that strong? What did this guy do to you? You are harbouring some serious resentment, and I suggest you find a way to deal with it because it can't be healthy. Porter does it against backups and you dismiss it; Boltus does it against backups and you act like he's the second coming of Danny McManus. You, sir, have no credibility whatsoever.

One of my favourite posts ive seen on this forum :lol:

Pretty sure I said the whole team looked good tonight.. Before we get carried away lets see him do it against Montreals first string players before you get to excited, I am still holding my breath.


You gave what amounted to the biggest backhand compliment I have ever read. To refresh your memory, here's what you said:

If that is your idea of saying the team looked good, I'd hate to see what you have to say when the team looks bad. You gave one compliment in that entire post. Hardly what I would call a ringing endorsement.

Can you, for once, just be objective and admit that Porter played a heckuva game? Everyone else seems to be capable of looking passed their personal biases to admit when a player performs well. I bet if you did that, you'd feel much better.

I said it before, and I'll say it again, I really feel like I'm debating with Ricky from the Trailer Park Boys when I read what you write.

are you for real? This is the same guy that blew Montreal out of the park 2-3 yrs. ago and has done little since. Like I said, lets see what happens in a real game against starters like Glenn saw tonight.. Was tonight exciting? You bet! However lets remember this is against the same team that tried to sell us on him 3 yrs. ago.
I'm betting it will be the same old same old when the reg. season is underway..
Trestman is one sly fox and he would luv Hamilton to start thinking Glenn isn't the man. You guys really are not that slow are you??


You are unreal. Where was this perspective last week with Boltus? You were ready to anoint him the new King of Hamilton after what he did in a losing effort against Toronto, but now you want patience? Give it a rest, bub. I'd say this is like talking to a brick wall, but I don't want to insult any brick walls out there.

Blogs, simple solutions for simple minds… After three yrs. I sure would like to see the same performance on a game night, not some meaningless game that Montreal didn’t care about… Remember the second half was mop up duty, if it wasn’t the crew that played the second half would have played the entire game.


Well its official. The good Dr is blind and deaf. Porter outplayed all QB;s tonight and nobody is claiming that he should start but somehow Porter is still bad. No sense in arguing with the guy who has his mind made up that the guy who stole his girlfriend or some such nonsense is evil

You're right. I'm done arguing with this guy. Anyone with any objectivity saw that Porter was great tonight. That's all that needs to be said.

As Jim Barker would say, great against a JV team..