Quinton Porter

Im throwing this up here because I cant believe there isn't a thread just on Porter.

You can blame the coaches and D all you want for this loss, and I am blaming Marcel and think we should be gone but the reason we lost this game was QP. He came in and couldn't do a single thing. threw a ton of bad balls, got sacked and through a pick. This guy is not a legit QB and shouldn't get an invite back to camp next year. we have seen what he has and it isn't much.

Yeah, but Glenn had the first half of the game and didn't fare much better. He only got us 3 points.

By the time Porter got into the game, their D pretty much had everything figured out. And his OL didn't help him much with protection or a running game. I'm not saying that Porter doesn't share in some of the blame, but he wasn't the only factor in the loss.

what I find utterly infuriating about Porter is his lack of timing with receivers.

Open receivers are routinely thrown balls far too late, giving opposing DB's time to get back in position and prevent the play or make the pick.

and I won't mention the fact that QP views the quick release as a plague, nor the fact that he suffers from Jimmy Legs Syndrome. :wink:

Glenn 13 / 18 113 yards
Porter 3 / 11 40 yards

Glenn didn't play great but he did move the ball. Porter on the other hand looked horrid.

I was hoping Porter was going to come in and change the momentum and flavour of the Ticat offence. I think he tried with a couple of long balls that were not very successful. Despite the fact that I hoped he was going to change the direction the Cats were going, I would not even think of blaming him for the Ticat loss. He had very little opportunity all year to show what he can do and get comfortable in there. He did nothing more or less than what Glen did despite having a different set of skills. The competent Bomber coaching staff adapted and shut him down too.
Our coaching staff pretty much continued on the same path. Not unexpected, but certainly disheartening.


For what it's worth, Steve Milton is predicting that Glenn won't be back next year...

Steve Milton wrote:

"So it’s hard, if not impossible, to imagine Kevin Glenn as the starting quarterback of this team next spring. The Cats have implied all along they were looking for the guy who can take them over the top and nobody gets more than three years to do that, no matter what the extenuating circumstances."

That's funny, I don't recall you posting anything like this last week when he played an important part in the win against Montreal.

8) I wouldn't expect to see either Glenn or Porter back here next year !!

Didn't post much after last weeks game, but don't kind yourself he didn't do anything special last week. You can put the blinders on and keep telling yourself Porter has the talent and skills to be something special but your going to die waiting.

Take away the 1 long completion to Grant & Glenn didn't do much better.

Bottom line is, their lines dominated ours on both sides of the ball.

You hit the nail on the head, Cartman.

not really…
If you take away that pass Glenn would be 12 / 17, if porter completed 13 balls and doesn’t throw a pick there’s a good chance we win that game.