Quinton Porter.

He Played Really well yesterday with the amount of drops balls and he had two touchdowns and 0 turnover.
I think he could be the future but don’t count casey out of the picuture.

Obviously this guy is a keeper from what I can see.

You cut casey, and take 250,000 to sign Porter, 125,000 for an olineman and 125 for a true rush end

why are you signin porter he is already under contract...

You do realize that Printers contract was front loaded. So, with that said, I think it would be safe to say he doesn’t actually get paid 500, 000 this year or next year.

Thank god your typing this thread and not actually in charge of signing contracts.. .sheesh

Keep Casey... we would have a great 1,2 punch. Printers hasn't been healthy and I believe that he can learn to play with a quicker release.

With the addition of KK along with Caulley and maybe Jesse, we could have the best QB/RB combination that the Cats have seen since Danny Mac and Troy Davis. Don't break this up.

I fully support CP and QP as our QB's of the future. :thup:

I understand the enthusiasm about Porter. He seems to have a lot of tools as far as size and agility, he runs well for a big guy, and could very well be a prototypical CFL QB. He seems to have a lot of poise in the pocket and can throw.

All that being said....he has only played a few games...One great, one horrible and the rest OK. Make no mistake about it, the win against the Als was the best performance from a Ticat QB since.....Danny Mac Maybe.

Don't set Porter up for failure like you did with Maas, Chang, Printers, maybe even Williams. Let him develop at a reasonable rate, understand that he may stink up the place from time to time. Get him an Oline and let him breathe a bit. If he has a couple of bad games...it's not going to be the end of the world cause the Cats arent going to win the Cup this year or next. While they have shown signs of being competive, they still will finish at best 5-13 and at worst 3-15. They will still finish last or close to it in team defense. Their QBs are still getting hammered and their receivers are still dropping balls.

Lets all cross our fingers and hope that Porter is the real deal. With all the problems that the team has personel wise, don't expect Miracles out of Porter. Casey couldn't do it all himself, and neither can Porter. Get an Oline, find a receiver or two, revamp the entire defense and then I guarantee you that you will really see how good or bad Porter is.

In the meantime don't make him out to be anything more than what he is, a bright prospect with great tools.

I agree that Porter has great tools, but I dont think anyone is hyping him up, just saying that he is a very good quarterback. In the limited time he has played he has shown more than any of the other quarterbacks you listed such as Maas, Printers , Chang, and even Williams. I dont think he has to prove whether he is good or bad, he already has proved he is good, with a mediocre offensive line, injured running game and a learning receiving corps. I absolutely expect Porter to be our starter next year.

He sees the field better than any QB we've had since Mike Kerrigan. Has a quick release like Danny Mac and his pocket presence is like AC. His down field vision is amazing, 9 TD's in 4 starts, I'm sold...


:thup: :rockin:


Porter.. after 3.5 Q

14/21 157 yards 2 fumbles......

I'm sold!!

Oh yea... ZERO touchdowns

Actually he finished 18/26 (69%) 212 yrds, 1 TD, and 35 yrds rushing. What game were you watching?

Yes Porter is a keeper, but who is this new guy? He looked pretty good.
Did I miss something about Richie Williams being cut. Or was he dropped to the TS?

The same one you were.. notice my post...

let me clarify

AFTER 3 and 1/2 quarters

But by your standards.....
18/26 for 212yds and 1 touchdown 2 fumbles (1directly leading to 7 Stamps points)and 35 yds rushing is the qualification for the NEXT ONE??