Quinton Porter to start against B.C. Lions


Quinton will start for Ticats Friday

Drew Edwards
The Hamilton Spectator
(Jul 7, 2009)

Ticat head coach Marcel Bellefeuille has decided to nip this week's quarterback controversy in the bud and yesterday named Quinton Porter as his starter for Friday's tilt against the B.C. Lions.

"After watching the tape, Quinton did a lot of really good things and we're going to give him the start," Bellefeuille said after practice at Ivor Wynne. "He's done enough to earn the opportunity this week."

But, while Porter says he's happy to be getting another opportunity after last week's performance (26 for 40 for 229 yards, two touchdowns and two picks) he says the coaches have yet to deliver the news to him.

"I didn't even know about it. Nobody says anything to me about these things," Porter said.

"To be honest with you, I didn't know I was going to be the starter of the last game. I just continued to take the first reps in practice and went there the day of the game and nobody told me I wasn't starting so I decided, 'OK, I'll start.' "

Porter described the situation as "counterproductive," but says he understands the approach taken by the Ticat coaching staff.

"I know they want me to be the starter and I know I have to do what it takes to prove it -- they're not just going to give it to me," he said.

"I think any of the decisions that are made are made behind the scenes and also in the media. But it's not made to me."

Porter said the uncertainty surrounding the No. 1 job -- veteran pivot Kevin Glenn is also in the mix -- might be great fodder for the fans and the press but it can be a distraction.

"The story that is supposed to be interesting to people actually hurts the team. Me and Kevin don't want to be thinking about that, we want to be thinking about what's the best way to beat B.C.," he said.

Winning against the Lions is something the Ticats haven't done much of lately. Hamilton has lost eight straight dating back to 2004, including a 40-10 loss in Porter's first-ever start last September. He was sacked 10 times while going 14 for 27 for 144 yards with a touchdown and two interceptions.

"I'm a different player than I was then," Porter said. "Going into the game against B.C. last year, I was just going on my instincts and athletic ability, I didn't really know what to be looking for."

While Porter will be the No. 1 guy this week, Bellefeuille stopped short of giving him the job on a permanent basis.

"The quarterback position is no different than any other position -- you've got to be productive to keep your job," he said.

But Porter says he knows how he can become the undisputed No. 1.

"Hopefully, I can solidify the position with a win. The second we win, all the questions are laid to rest and I don't have to think about it," he said.



When the qb calls the situation counterproductive, there are problems here.

The general tone of the article as a whole was rather strange but maybe it's not as bad as it sounds. I hope not anyways.

The good thing is that Porter sounds like he has a lot of confidence in himself and feels he can do this job. We soooooooo need that O-Line to tighten up and give him lots of time. I'm also waiting to see if Cobb gets the nod too. I feel Cobb is going to be a great help to Porter in moving the ball.

Strange yes deerhunter but maybe not that bad as you say. I guess the coaches don’t want to just say Porter is the no. 1 guy no ifs, buts or ands as they want to see the young man really feel he has earned the starter’s role and therefore won’t take it for granted perhaps. That’s fair enough. Although I guess what you could read from this is that really the decision is made more or less, why not just tell him straight up he’s the starter rather than him reading it in the paper first. To me that is communication as counterproductive. MB maybe needs to learn a lesson or two on communication in this respect, I don’t know. Talk with him more before you start talking with the media.

Here's my take:

I like the article. Quinton is being honest and straight forward. Of course it would be better if you knew you were starting for sure. The coaching staff are letting the QB's sweat a little and that's uncomfortable for them.

Think about it, you would want to know if you are starting or not and if you don't know it leaves you in the lurch a little....hence the counterproductive statement.

Porter's other point, that is right on the money, is the controversy that the media can stir up to make a story. Our QB's right again in that, that kind of rhetoric only acts to undermine the psyche of the players and creates concern with the fan base when there really, in all likelihood, isn't a problem in the first place. Just a report needing a story line for the sports page.

What I read into Quinton Porters responses is this. To me he's saying:
I would rather know if I'm the starting QB, as would all QB's if I knew I would be more settled in my game preparation. Next, don't listen to the crap they put into the papers about a quarterback controversy. Every quarterback wants to start and is always trying to get on the field. No controversy just the nature of the game,

So the way I see it there is no trouble with Quinton, just an athlete who gives well thought out and straight forward answers. Wow what a concept eh...lol


Great post JareCanada. Right on!

Its great hes giving straightforward answers, but when you give the vibe or criticize your coach or how things are done to the media that is not a good sign. When you are going to be passive aggressive to the media about the communication or lack there of, it has the potential to create more problems than anything else. If porter is actually upset with the communication, talk to the coahes themselves, be a leader and standup, dont use the media to get a msg like that across. There is a time when a guy should be straight forward, but when he has an issue with how things are run, that is not one of them.

QP for QB... Oskee Wee Wee. He can get the job down.

Oskee Wee Wee

The joys about this forum 360 is that you can see it your way and I can see in mine and in the big scheme of things it doesn't really matter...lol

Enjoy the season!

It's great he's giving straightforward answers. We agree.

If the straightforward answer points to a situation that puts the coach in a bad light, what then?

It is the COACH'S responsibility to communicate to the player, to be the leader, whether he is standing up and sitting down. The only way to cultivate leadership is to provide some yourself.

My little "what would Ralph Sazio do" voice in my head has a clear answer. :wink:

If Porter is his starter, Marcel has to emphasize this point. Clarity goes further than how many reps each guy gets in practice or what one opines in a media scrum. Every week, Bellefeuille should reinforce his commitment to Porter. He knows when the team meets, whether it's the offense as a whole, the quarterbacks, etc. It's not THAT difficult to be definitive in advance of a text message or microphone.

Quarterback development is not some go-by-the-seat-of-one's-pants deal. It takes a direction and approach to give the player the best shot to win. I do not want to see a "0-6 QB controversy" situation. Gettting the team to play when the frickin bell rings every week would go a long way to make these threads moot!

Oski Wee Wee,

I agree with some of the other posters..Jare and Deerhunter specifically. I got a little concerned when I read the 'counterproductive' statement too. However, I don't think it was intended to sound like he was happy with how things are going -- more of an easy-going "well, I'd prefer it was different" sort of thing.

Personally, I'm not really sure how much of an issue it actually is as far as game prep. I think you should be ready to start no matter what.

Thankfully, Cameron Wake isn't going to be waiting for him. I'd like to see Porter toss a few long balls early on -- just to push the coverage back a bit. I thought he used his legs pretty well, so hoping he'll use that again next week. Might be more relaxed playing on the road -- so, I could see him being a bit more patient. Though, may depend on the crowd noise out there -- can't imagine this one's gonna draw much more than 30k though, eh?

Mr. Porter should not worry about the press looking for stories with this teams record they should be happy they are getting the coverage they are getting.He should be prepared to start every game whether he is or not that is what he said he did last year

I think he's going to have a better performance this week than last, you can't read much into week 1 anyway because most teams and QBs had their fair share of turnovers and mistakes. Even Ricky Ray looked rusty for my Esks.

The Lions are ripe for another defeat after Sask defenders chased Buck Pierce all over the place last Friday.

I guess the bottom line for me, if I'm a player, I don't want to hear anything via the press first. I'm assuming MB, if he was a player, would think the same. I say MB messed up here but then coaches are allowed to make mistakes as well, afterall.

This doesn't reflect well on Bellefeuille as a head coach.

Hopefully they'll open up the passing a bit more, it's hard to get things going when you're only making 5-12 yard passes.

Let Porter go long, he definately has the arm to do it...