Quinton Porter retires

per Drew Edwards:

[b]• according to this TV report, former Ticat quarterback Quinton Porter has retired from football. He's already got several things on the go and he's got an MBA from Boston College, so he's well positioned for a good post-football career. I enjoyed covering Quinton, a smart and thoughtful person, and hope he does well.[/b]
all the best to QP in his future endeavors. There were some good memories during his tenure here in Hamilton, including a 5 TD performance vs the Als a few years back.

good luck QP. :thup:

Good for Quinton I wish him the best, I hope it works out well for him. Ive been wondering what he was up to.

But he was such a good qb... We should sign he so Ottawa doesn't pick him up next year.

I liked him during his time in Hamilton. He was one of the most well-spoken players I’ve seen in a while; he spoke intelligently, and in complete sentences rather than ill-connected cliches.

I wish him all the best of success in his future career. I’m sure he’ll do well.

Good luck QP. He was a class act. I wasn't a big supporter, mainly because of the QB controversy with Kevin Glenn, who I supported. I'm surprised no other team gave him a shot. I would have thought Marcel B. in Winnipeg would have. He was his biggest supporter when he was here.

I enjoyed watching QP play and the one yard was truly automatic when he was here.
It’s too bad that he’s out of football, however I noticed on Drew’s site that Quinton left Boston College with an MBA, so retiring from the CFL as a backup QB probably will mean a pay raise. :wink:

I lost count of how many posters said Porter would go on to “star” as a starter with another football team or that “he was never given a chance with the Tiger-Cats”. Wrong…on both counts.

Could fill out a roster with players who were supposed to come back and “haunt”. Trick is where to plug Porter in ? You got Brady, Eakin, Tafralis already .

Liked Porters wheels, passing decisions not as much. His road victory in BC in 2009 is a nice memory. Every dog has his day.

Ottawa has a few better ones to choose from, so I don't think they will sign him. My guess is that Ottawa will go after a veteran like Glen and then sign two backups in the draft.

People are talking about the Cats or Ottawa signing a QB that has just retired? You seem to be missing the whole point of the thread. Again, he has retired. Get it?

Quinton congratulations on your retirement from football a tough decision given the fact that you are still young and in good shape but football and sports Isn't everything in life and I'm glad you are well prepared with your MBA and projects outside of football.

We enjoyed watching you play as a Tiger-Cat and as a Cat fan glad you played for us and gave it your best game in and game out I just wish you were played more in Hamilton.

All the best to you and your family.

Makaveli - I think you needed to add a smilie. I was always a big Quinton fan (to be clear I'm a big fan of every Tiger-Cat player), but I thought this was a very funny post, even without the smilie.

Yeah but bob, if Ottawa drafts him from us in the expansion draft we wouldn't lose any other quarterbacks. (They can only take one from any team). :wink:

:lol: :lol: :lol: (as requested by our fearless leader)

(By the way bob, thanks from another Michael who is a life time fan of the team. Success starts from the top so don't get all modest on us now - for this year at least :lol: )