Quinton Porter on cfl.ca

Here's a link to a nice interview with Quinton Porter :slight_smile:


Good interview and itelligent answers from Porter. He's a smart kid

Yes, he's an impressive young man.. intelligent, articulate, and with a good attitude. I like his approach.

His interview on Ticats TV was really good too. I think his personality are going to score a lot of points with the fans. At the very least, will cut him some slack, anyway.

He says all the right things I think, and shows a strong competitive nature. A rare breed -- typically guys with many of his qualities come with a monster sized ego.
Seems like a guy that will be good in the dressing room.

Let's cross our fingers for a decent start on the field so he gets some early confidence.

I liked QP from the very start and when he talks to the coaches and fans his ratings go up in my book. :thup:

He’s going to be good for us…

I hope his on-field play is as good as his on-camera play this year. :rockin: