Quinton Porter NFL bound?

Ok ok relax, before your esophagus jumps into your spine…I just have a feeling after a year or maybe 2 under Porter’s belt in this league, he can go back to play in the NFL…i actually think he can now…but he has to prove himself…If you look at Matt Ryan…on the falcons…Quinton Porter is similar…and actually bigger (physique) and can scramble better than Ryan IMO…Porter is an ideal QB in the NFL…size, speed and a heck of a arm…also the ability to adapt and read defenses…and get rid of the ball quickly…Matt Ryan actually took over for Porter…at Boston College…hence the similarities…I am not trying to stir the pot or anything like that…just find it an interesting topic…let me know what y’all think???

I think he's played one excellent game in the CFL.

If this guy is for real, we have to offer him every cent we can scrape up plus the Stoney Creek Dairy.

Should be more worried about Setta.

What do I think?

I think one day the sun will stop shining and the world will end.

I don't think it will happen in the next year or 2, so I'm not about to worry about it.

dont you think its a little early for a post like this? can we wait till he has a few good games?

The Saints need a Kicker Bad..
I am more Worried about losing Nick.
He is Must Sign..
As for Quintion he signs 1 + and Option 1 more
Let's think about that then

I believe Quinton is signed to a 2 years plus an option contract, Tom.

Problem is bigger then that. Winnipeg is desperate for a kicker, Toronto would be interested even Montreal may be interested (less likely). Nick isn't going to be cheap, O'B knows that already, that's a good thing.

Yes but this is year 1 so he has two left 1 + the option year

I don't agree that Nick Setta is a must sign in the offseason.
He's a good kicker, but he doesn't warrant losing an import player somewhere else on the roster.

do we still think proter will get a look in the nfl...

Kicker is the most important player on a CFL team after your starting QB.

Quinton Porter has had a good look over by the NFL and they all passed. It will take more than one game or one season for them to be interested in him again. Maybe if he puts in 3 or 4 good years here he might just get another look. Same old story though, how many young QB's will be coming out of the "football mills" between now and then that teams will be more interested in?

Jeff Garcia defied the odds. The more likely scenario is IF Porter has a phenominal season next year then maybe he will get an invitation to an NFL camp. Then at best he'll be holding a clipboard for a couple years and call it a career. Ricky Ray realized this probable outcome and came back to the CFL whereas Printers stayed too long and built up critical rust. The former is headed to the Hall Of Fame, the latter is still looking for the WD40.

throw in Hutch's and we might have a deal