Quinton Porter is our back up

Quinton Porter is our back up. Deal with it.

To be quite frank, once KG has led us to the Grey Cup this year he's gonna hang up his cleats and QP is gonna make 15_championships regret selling that jersey of his. He's gonna lead us to a couple more. Quinton Porter is our future. Long live #14.

Nothing's gunna make me regret selling that jersey of mine, I made sure a kid got a gift on Christmas.

hes 31, what makes you think hes going to retire? he gots a good 3 years left in im IMO, plus, he did a great thing making sure a kid had a gift on christmas morning, thats somthing i can respect, and its good to no there are good people among the ticat community like 15_championships

plus, QP will not take us to a Grey Cup, and if he ever does, it wont be any time soon

What's up with the title?

was wondering this myself, i think hes just trying to stir up some trouble, considering his post is absurb

Definitely obsurd, the only place QP will take this team is back to the basement.. Obie one, KG is our only hope, may the force be with you KG and all the other great cats !!


Vicks Dogcatchers is the name of my NFL fantasy league team.

It gets alot of lol's there. Here, not so much. I know it's absurd, but not as absurd as some of the things you have said about QP.

Long live Bo Smith?

That's obsurb.


Porter is a "BUM"! (with a nick name- BUTTER FINGERS) If he was all we've got we'd be HISTORY. and no I'm not
OKNIGHT. :thdn:

Oops. I meant long live #12. But long live Bo Smith too.

Calvillo fumbled TWICE ON THE SAME PLAY. Give the kid a break.

Name Year Team Att Yards Avg Long TD Fumb
CALVILLO, A 1994 LV 42 195 4.6 21 2 9
CALVILLO, A 1995 HAM 24 51 2.1 13 2 5
CALVILLO, A 1996 HAM 40 311 7.8 53 1 2
CALVILLO, A 1997 HAM 53 242 4.6 29 2 12

Name Year Team Att Comp Yards Long TD Ints
CALVILLO, A 1994 LV 348 154 2,582 81 13 15
CALVILLO, A 1995 HAM 385 211 2,831 82 19 21
CALVILLO, A 1996 HAM 265 157 2,571 74 13 13

Don't look like hall of fame numbers to me...

Porter is not a good QB He'll never be a Good QB IMO

He can't Read Defenses

so he going back tries to read 1 side and then Runs..

The Game vs Montreal a few years ago was a Fluke

I hope Boltus beats him out.. and Porter Quits.

Given the way Smith tends to get burned, the lack of physical contact on the field would tend to increase his life expectancy, no?

:D :D :D

Oski Wee Wee,


New thread title available: "Jason Boltus is clipboard-ready"...


Oski Wee Wee,


I think It's time we let go of Danny Mac, he's hasn't played here since 2005. He is doing a great job of scouting though!

Sounds to me like you have a personal issue with QP. I can't imagine why you would actively wish for a player on our team to fail. That ticks me off.

I will try not to cloud the issue with facts by posting stats that prove that many of the future HOF QBs started out just
as rocky as QP. How do you expect someone to improve when they never see the field? :roll:

This used to be the place where I would insert my obligatory Cody Ledbetter joke but I recently learned that he got 12 years time for his crime.

i might have missed a joke here, but Bo Smith wears 7? not 14, Cobb was 14?

did i miss somthing or did all of you miss somthing :?

You missed Bo Smith changing his number to 14. Medlock is wearing 7