Quinton Porter: congrats!

Just win baby! :wink:


Russ at his Al Davis Shrine. LOL

no "but"?

The win itself aside (congrats for sure), I'm more impressed with his poise he's already developing, smart decision making under duress and ability to calmly rally the team with cool, constant leadership.......his body language tonight in the huddle and after a play reminds me of Anthony Calvillo....

I also am floored by the incredible progress of guys like Cobb to pick this game up so fast and make it seem like they've been in the CFL for years......

And this is only two examples of similar players on this team ....repeat, TEAM

And Arland Bruce?.......what can I say....how can he not love this refreshing atmosphere?........he seems like a new guy and he's a great addition to the family.....

The lines have been great, defense as a whole has been solid (and getting better) and turnovers have been at a minimum.....

Just a great team effort top to bottom !........ :rockin:

Bruce had an issue. Lanced or PrepH'd -- a new man. :wink:


Very well done...this kid's got skills!!
Awesome game...start to finish. Can't believe it.

Chris from Hamilton... stfu man!

lol!.....Ted Michaels got right in his grill and basically told him to take a flying leap......then stuck a fork in him!

Good entertainment on the "5th quarter" tonight. :lol:

Wait till all his tools in the tool box are in place and he learns how to use them all we have a very exciting future ahead :thup:

What did he say? Was this on the 5th Quarter?

It was a good call on Ted's part.. dude QP played a great game why bother dissing him??

Just that QP is NOT a starter and that he makes bad decisions, Glenn needs to be the #1 guy

Porter was 25/37 for 211 passing yards, with a TD pass and no picks. A 67.6% completion percentage is not bad considering the weather. He threw a few bad passes, but did quite well, and seems to keep getting better.

I'm also listening to 5th quarter, and I agree with Michaels when he says there is no QB controversy, despite what some might think.


:D :D :D

Only in Hamilton.

the guy was insisting on ripping Porter to shreds…Michaels gave the dude a piledriver and tossed him off the air…most of the ensuing callers have agreed that the guy was way off-side for dissing Porter and agree 100% with Michaels…

So true. Ticats win, I already mentioned Porter's respectable numbers, it was an entertaining hard-fought win. And what do you hear after that win? "Put the backup QB in!"

You looked great this game. Your growing into that QB we need. You have a bonfied rec core and an and comming star RB in Cobb. Use em all son and sucess will continue.

Some people's children shakes head

Man, I heard this tripe with Ealey, Hobart, and Kerrigan. DEVELOPING A YOUNG QB IN THE SADDLE CAN BE A BEECH...AND YOU'RE CONTENDING???

We should start the "1972 Lost Wally Gabler Season Fan Club" and have those folks meet with green people in Roswell. LMAO

Always had faith in Porter as our #1 and he proved his developing skills tonight. Way to go Porter!!!

Quinton showed maturity against the Esks. He didn't force as many passes. He was poised and threw it into the bleachers when he had to, rather than force it or get sacked. His release is getting quicker as well. I was in favour of starting Glenn after the Montreal game but I think it's a good thing they're doing, developing Porter. I'm glad the left him in. It was good to see the 21 yd TD to Davis. It's about time we see some deeper passes. Those need to become more frequent. I'm sure it'll come in time. He's progressing well.