This guy is killing me.

He makes me long for the Corey Grant "Cha Cha" days.

Willie...our stadium runs east-west. Don't listen to your coaches who say to run north-south. Here...run east-west. Please. Oh and don't fumble. Oh and don't show-boat after a 12 yard return.

Ah, forget it...Khalil will have your roster spot next week anyway.

this guy was the one of TWO bright spots in this game, the other being Holmes...Quinnie makes things happen and sure he fumbled once tonight but the guy came in from behind and anyone could have fumbled that one...he was making moves out there the whole game making guys miss!

hahaha its so true im tired of him flexing and pounding his chest like a simoan warrior...your not good...you don't have alot to back you up...

Did we watch a different guy tonight? I was much happier with his play. He took time to survey the field before moving and picked his spots better. I'm thinking that his average return stats are good.

I thought Quinnie looked good. He changes direction really quickly and always makes the first couple of guys miss. The problem is he is not able to make 7 or 8 miss, which is the number of tacklers that seem to be unblocked on every return.

We already know he's one of the fastest guys on the team. He broke one that was called back because our guys don't understand that you can't block a guy in the back.

I think Quinnie has potential. We should play him at receiver a bit more to see if he's a keeper for next year.

In place of whom???

No thanks.

I must say Quinnie looks promising to me!

From what I've seen could Quinnie be the next Nik Lewis?

or the next craig yeast…

(looks really similar when running too, oddly enough)

Nothing wrong with that.

Quinne stunk the joint out the first few returns but after knocking off the dancing and just running straight ahead made some pretty decent returns and even a couple of spectacular ones. Oddly, this is one of 2 ares I had no problem with. The other.... defense played great for 3 plus quarters

The return game requires a "cutter and slasher" type runner. Quinnie is a dancer. Enough said!
Pat Lynch (the old guy in section 7 )