Quinn vs Pierce?

hopefully he will only miss maybe two games, considering we have a bye week after the gc game.

agree totally....BUT ....if he;s still not picked up by anyone in the nfl.....where will Casey go... :roll: can't see him returning to the leos....he had some friction there...besides the Lions have D.D and Pierce...Calgary =Burris
.............Edmonton =Ray
....I see the Bombers pursuing him hard...Toronto harder......we'll see.... :roll:

Anyone who thinks Quinn is better than Pierce is just plain blind IMO. Quinn's played what, like a solid 5 minutes? Pierce has way more experience.

um... the "five" minutes he did play, he shined, and if i can remember correctly is was in the game were we kicked the eskies a$$es. I hink you just want pierce to do better to make ur team not look so bad.

Um Esks123 is from Edmonton. Besides Pierce played most of the second half against Edmonton and did quite well.

Tonight ...Battle of the Backups. Which team will help their backup the best?

this is a pointless argument. trying to determine if player one with no real experience is better than player two with no real experience. let's consider what this game may indicate about this question.

wpg oline is banged up and missing two huge starters but even so i think it is on par with bc's oline so no excuse there.

running backs for both teams have a different style but seem to be capable of helping spread ot the d so no excuse there.

receivers on gameday... i would say bc holds the definite advantage here with or without stegall in the lineup but with milt injured this is definitely lopsided. advantage buck.

defences are both playing very well minus last game for the blue. still i think the blue d is better. advantage mike.

overall i think if both backups play equally well pierce should have better stats at the end of the game solely due to the receivers available to him.

if quinn pulls off the better game i suspect he is the better qb. if bucky has a substantially better game than quinn he gets the nod. i am afraid i think this is likely but seeing as we have not seen quinn play yet he could surprise me. (as could buck)

well the team didn't help him out but pierce definitely outplayed quinn tonight. i would swap them any day

Yeah, those "five minutes" led up to a solid performance by quinn last night. :roll: Told ya so! :lol: Pierce is the real deal. Quinn isn't!

I dont know if I would go so far as to say the real deal, he threw 3 picks and no passing TDs, but he definitely won this battle of the back ups.

Give Pierce time to get the experience that any new QB needs, and he'll be just fine. I think Pierce will end up being similar in style to Dunnigan...except tougher yet.