Quinn vs Pierce?

The game vs BC could be a backup vs backup game considering Glenn wont play and Dickenson is questionable. Who do u guys think has better backups, winnipeg or bc?

BC of course.

…what i.ve seen of Pierce so far …he’s a gooder…Quinn really hasn’t had a chance to do his thing…but he’s gonna get one thurs. i would feel a whole lot better if Mike had Milt to throw to…maybe we should suggest to the leos that they sit out Geroy (the gift we should never have given them) and then it’ll be even-up…how about it pennw. :lol: :roll:

Well im optimistic about this game. Hopefully Berry has a better gameplan intact for this one rather than last weeks vs hamilton cause quite frankly it was a pathetic gameplan and didnt include much of Roberts.

Also need the Defense to step up this week. GO BLUE!

Why Quinn? Doesn't Brad Banks have more experience? I know his outing Vs Hamilton was nothing to write home about, but I would have thought his experience would make him the starter.

Winnipeg, Quinn is better than piece, and Westwood and Stegail will bring their a games and pull off the win.

Stegall is injured with broken ribs. Quinn is better than a piece of?????

Umm Kanga, want to compare some stats between Pierce and Quinn to see who the better QB is?

Quinn will surprise; Pierce will have trouble possibly starting the game, since I do not see DD playing. :slight_smile:

Pierce had a good second half vs Edmonton, and he did win that one game last year against the Riders.

...Quinn actually looked the best of all the back-ups...i believe he threw a t.d. against the Esks. (not like thats any big deal ...a lot of people are scoring on the Esks)...Quinn has a lot more experience ...certainly more than Banks...Mike will be o.k. ....and we just added some big beef to our 'o' line ...which should help him out... :thup: :wink:

So what is the depth chart now Papa?

(1) Quinn
(2) Banks
(3) Michna

Does Tee Martin make a comeback at Number 4?

We will see how mike handles the offence as a starter on thursday ... he has a great arm and great accuracy, i say he'll do alright!! he cannot move that quick though, so it's up to the HOGS up front to help out, if this does not happen expect BANKS to get his shot.

Did you hear BERRY on CTV Sports last night, he said quote "we will play mike, he has taken all the reps this week and he'll be ready to play and show he is a number one QB" HMMMMM WHAT'S UP WITH THAT? HAS BERRY CHANGED HIS MIND ABOUT STARTING QB



Radio mumbled something about surgery to Glenn’s knee. Any truth to that?

Dickenson is out, he was taken to hospital for X-rays after practice today.

it's true. should be out for around a month

.....i hope Quinn ...dosen't start to look like Wynn....or we may have to go to Banks ....i didn't like the way Michna looked against the Cats'...soooo the order for the qbs. should and will be for now

  1. Quinn
  2. Banks
  3. Michna
    (4.) Printers ( i would like our no 1 to be this guy but unfortunately he's just a pipe-dream now) :roll:

how about Printers , he is number four on KC'S depth chart, Taman should get his rights!!!!


...i;m sure Taman is following Casey pretty good right now....he's way down on the K.C. depth chart.....HOWEVER....B.C. still holds his rights...and a few other clubs (like t.o.) are also following Printers career in the nfl as well...but who knows....if you were Printers ....who would you rather play for right now WPG> or T.O....another factor is....who will come up with the right dough..... :roll: :roll: :roll:

If I were BC, I'd sell the rights to WPG, although Glenn is good enough to be starter.

I doubt if you’ll see Printers return to the CFL until he’s exausted all 30 clubs down south.