Quinn Sucks

and they call him a qb?, give me a brake, and send him home, they stole the ball from his hand, this is ?, christ i can't find a word for that that how bad it is,banks is better.

....read my post after the Hamilton game....i knew we would suffer with these back-ups....cuz after Glenn we have nothing....just a dismal performance by Quinn and the rest of the offence ...except Charlie.... they better be prepared for a shake-up...big time....that offence couldn't beat a CIS team.. :oops: :roll:

Section A was fun tonight, Quinn heard it from everyone...

I agree and disagree.....
Banks is a legitiamte #2 QB possibly even a starter, I agree send Quinn packing and keep Michna as #3, he is younger and has alot of ptential.Taman I hope your reading this.

Brad Banks is no legitimate backup yet. I believe Quinn if given another opportunity will be much improved. That was his first start since 1998!!!! Anyone at any position let alone QB is going to be rusty, anxious, excited and intimidated their first start back. Besides he didn't get a lot of help from the rest of the offense other than Roberts and even he coughed it up at an inopportune time in the game.

I'm just going to repost what I said in another thread:

Quinn was absolutely brutal last night. I know he was just back from injury, and I know it was his first game in the CFL, and I know he hadn't actually started a game in something like eight years, but goddamn it, that was one of the worst quarterback outings I've seen in the league in quite some time. Worse than Spergon Wynn, worse than Kevin Eakin, flat-out awful. Quinn is 30 years old, fer chrissake, he's not a rookie. He's bounced around with multiple NFL teams and this is what he comes up with? I wasn't expecting him to win the game or pass for 300 yards, but I was expecting him to move the chains a few times, establish some kind of rhythm with his receivers, not look like a frightened kid playing with boys twice his height and weight, and NOT TURN THE BALL OVER EVERY OTHER FRICKING PLAY, ESPECIALLY RIGHT AFTER YOUR DEFENSE HAS STEPPED UP BIGTIME AND FORCED A B.C. TURNOVER.

Aaaarg! I'm not even a Bombers fan, but last night's game was 3 hours of my life I'll never get back. Horrible.

No doubt Quinn will do better next start. He can't do any worse! The biggest problem with him is that his arm is gone. He's used up. If he could put some zip on the ball things would be different. Get rid of him! He's done. Let somebody else take up practice time!

great post dis.....Berry also leveled his criticism at the coaching staff and I must agree, the play calling and entire scheme was ridiculous, what did they think was going to happen......Quinn was horrible yes, but at least play to the strength of your offense and run the frickin ball 30 times if you have to....did anyone see the wide receiver screen, easy pass to complete, or how about a reverse.....Gibson and Working both need to be called out onto the matt on this one.

That was a pathetic performance last night and I dont care if the guy is rusty he still should have been a bit better than that if he was a good QB. Im not going to get all bent out of shape about it like some of the other bomber fans though. Hopefully he is better when we play Toronto or whatever happens.