Quinn Backus

To try out:

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All these young men bust their tails for the promise of a pro football career, and most never make it. I wish the young man all the best.

Thanks Sheldon, nice to know the staff is back at work this weekend and Joey and Jim never rest :wink:


Very interesting prospect. Played for a small school but very accomplished (450 tackles in 51 games) shows a real unique mix of skills. You don't often see someone who can play in the box that is that quick has hands and hips like that.

Roughly the same build as Winston Venable so he's got a positive example to follow on the team.

Reminds me of Ky Hebert 10 years ago.

I wonder what other players are getting looks this week ?

In other news Rider fans think they can come and poach Coach Thorpe in the off season :lol:

Huh? Really? I hope that doesn’t happen. When does Higgins’s contract expire, anyway? End of 2015 or end of 2016? Regardless, I hope we simply shut the door on teams talking to Noel. We’re JUST starting to get some stability after two years of hell – let’s not blow that away by losing the coach of our best unit…

This kid has some impressive stats, which compare favorably to those of former Notre Dame middle LB Manti' Ta'o with Backus' 298 solo tackles standing out. We do, however have to remember that the competition level for the Chanticleers doesn't approach that of the Fighting Irish. We also have to how recall how badly the Alabama Crimson Tide offense pushed Ta'o around in the BCS championship a few years ago and the former ND linebacker has not been impressive playing for the San Diego Chargers - but he remains on their roster.

I know that the success or failure of another player is not a very good basis for judgement, but Ta'o has the right size and Backus is too light for the LB position - except that Backus is far bigger than Al's all-star LB Chip Cox who played for the Ohio Bobkitties. So, think size, think Cato, and give him a chance - "you'll not see nothing like the Mighty Quinn."


LB size isn't the same in the CFL. The wider field means you won't see the heavier bodies at the outside linebacker positions, because those guys have to play sideline to sideline. For the Will position, Backus should be fine. Cox isn't really a comparable because in the CFL, the SAM position is usually filled by a converted defensive back (as Cox was before he moved to SAM in 2009). Backus doesn't have the right body type and size for the NFL -- too small to be a linebacker, too heavy to play DB. But in the CFL, he has more opportunity.

I see him as a safety in the CFL. He's got really good hips and hides really well in coverage.

Safety or Will. Those two spots are pretty interchangeable in our defense from a body type standpoint.

[i]Those water melon heads better stay away from Thorpe! Cause they will find one angry paysan in their way if they try to steal him! :cowboy:

If the Riderinos want one of our coaches, they can have Higgins. Johnny will even drive Higgins to the airport and shove him in a plane. Hands off Thorpe![/i]

Don't care about the fans, hopefully Taman is stubborn about Chamblin.

Expect a trade between Montreal and Calgary in the coming weeks (after we play them on the weekend).

Intriguing. What do you expect to happen?

With two more injuries to their Canadians this weekend (Cornish out for 4 to 6 weeks). They have no choice but to trade, Montreal is the only team that can possibly spare an OL. Or Calgary will need to add a Canadian somewhere else in their lineup and put another import on the line. Mike Edem would be the logical choice.

Makes sense. What do we get out of it, though? If we're going to trade them a national who can potentially start, like Edem, the return had better be good. Also, I'm not sure our O-line depth is necessarily strong enough to withstand a trade, with Ryan White still on the 6-game. You flip Piotrowski and suddenly our backup OL is someone untested like Ruby, Bodanis, or Lawlor...

Edem or Piotrowski are likely worth a first round pick. He is in his option year but this would help Calgary out of their problem and give them a chance to sign him before free agency. We aren't playing Edem and with Ackie and Lue under contract and 3 years younger it would be better to trade him where he wants to go than just lose him for nothing at the end of the season.

When you look at the size of our roster we will have to move some players.

Thing is, with Brouillette one concussion away from retirement and seemingly already planning his exit strategy, we need to have a plan to replace him at safety. Is that Lue? Ackie is likely not going to be ready to be a starter next year.

I'm like you I like Edem a lot and would like to see him on the field but its obvious Thorpe does not feel the same. I can't see a hope in hell that Edem extends his contract. I guess he might get his opportunity if Brouillette goes down and not look back.

I look at Brouillette move around and he looks like a guy who might be ready to move on, I don't blame him. The head trauma, 30, educated, father... This his last season ?